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In 1990, November 22 was when Thanksgiving was celebrated in the USA.

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in several countries, including the United States. In USA Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, so the date in France would be the same. The French people, however, do not celebrate an official 'Thanksgiving'.

Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States. The exact date changes every year. A legendary Thanksgiving celebration was held in 1621

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November every year.

November 26 1621.......the pilgrims and Indians first celebrated it to set peace among them and there family

AnswerThe actual date of Thanksgiving is 11th December.

The date rotates every year.In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, each year.

Thanksgiving is celebrated each year on the last Thursday of the month of November. Thanksgiving is am American holiday.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is celebrated on different dates in different countries. In 2008 the Canadian Thanksgiving was on Monday October 13th, and Thanksgiving in the United States was on November 27th.

The exact date of the first thanksgiving is unknown. However, it is known that it occurred between September 21 and November 9, 1621.

November 23, but some people celebrated it on November 20.

According to Wikipedia, Thanksgiving was celebrated on the third Thursday of November in 1940 and 1941. That would make 11/20 (1941) Thanksgiving's earliest calendar date.

Thanksgiving today is so commercialized it has no relationship whatsoever to the "first" thanksgiving (which was not repeated in later years).It was not until December 26, 1941 when President Franklin Roosevelt signed into law a bill fixing the date of Thanksgiving, for the first time making the date of Thanksgiving a matter of federal law and fixing the day as the fourth Thursday of November.

11-25-10, November 25, 2010! have a happy turkey day!

Thanksgiving was made a national holiday by President Lincoln, but it wasn't celebrated until much later in the 1900's. The date of the holiday has also changed off and on.

The first holiday celebrated in America was Thanksgiving, no original name that I can think of. Thanksgiving Day was first proclaimed a national holiday by President Lincoln in 1863, after being urged by Mrs. Sarah J. Hale who was the editor of Godey's Lady's Book. Many people believe that Thanksgiving dates back to the first day of thanks in America, ordered by Governor Bradford of Plymouth, in 1621. But, according to the studies of scholars, days of thanks date back to ancient times.

The date of Thanksgiving in 2009 is November 26.

Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving date in 1863 and it was traditionally celebrated on the last Thursday in November. In 1941 Franklin Roosevelt got Congress to declare a federal holiday on the fourth Thursday in November which moved it up a week in those years that have five Thursdays in November.

Which president moved the date of Thanksgiving twice?

Yes, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on November 26th for the year 2009. But that specific date changes from year to year. The reason is the day's designation as the fourth Thursday of November, by law [55 Stat 862] of December 26, 1941.

Thanksgiving is usually celebrate in a house. The reason is because most of the harvest crops tastes good when around a table in a warm house. Some people celebrate Thanksgiving at Ford Field of Coyboys Stadium with their tailgate. Answer: It's celebrated in the United States to commemorate a celebratory dinner attended by Pilgrims and Indians. It's celebrated in Canada, too, but I don't know why. (And it's not the same date.)

November 25 was the date of Thanksgiving in 1971. Thanksgiving takes place on the fourth Thursday of November each year.

Thanksgiving Day is the fourth Thursday in November. Since sometimes there are five Thursdays in November, Thanksgiving may not be on the last Thursday of the month. The earliest date for Thanksgiving is November 22. The latest date for Thanksgiving is November 28.

Thanksgiving was November 25, 1993.

Thanksgiving was November 24, 1988.

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