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What is the deal with Orochimaru?


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September 15, 2011 2:14AM

Not to rant, but the below answer is an old, stupid, snooty answer by me (Orochi-carlyle)! OROCHIMARU IS REALLY SICK AND I THINK IT'S GOOD ENOUGH TO CALL HIM A GAY PEDO IF HE CONSTANTLY SAYS HE 'WANTS SASUKE'S BODY'.

Watch the anime. And I strongly doubt that Orochimaru is, what you call, pedophiles OR a homo (they never even point it out in the anime, going by the general facts).

The deal with orochimaru is orochimaru wants to destroy konoha so he tried to kill sarutobi aka the 3rd hokage to destroy every person in the hidden leaf village so he paired up with the akatsuki the the akatsuki quit on him cause he was to weak the he paired up with kabuto so he could learn more about sasuke and take control and use him for his own strenght.But you'll never know what is gonna happen in the shippuden series he might even die we will have to find out!

Yeah, but that was one long run-on sentence!

I was the one who asked this question, and I was not wondering about that, but whether he was a homo or a pedophile.

Yeah, I know that orochi wanted to and did kill the 3rd hokage, and did some serious damage to the village hidden in the leaves in an attempt to genocide all of its inhabitants.

He did have a connection with the akatsuki (his partner was sasori, the puppet master) and he still has his special ring, which they want back bad, for some reason. His partner sent kabuto as a spy to gather Intel on orochi by using genjutsu (hypnosis) on kabuto, but orochi figured that out, and quick. He told kabuto what they did, and won him over from the akatsuki, and now kabuto is orochi's best man, right arm and protege. In addition to being orochi's best man, kabuto yakushi still acts like sasori's pawn just to gather Intel on sasori and the affiliated akatsuki and their plans, and the progess thereof.

Orochimaru's ultimate plan is for his 4 top cronies to get sasuke to level 2 curse seal, so that orochi can take sasuke's body, for orochi is a demon who can't stay in a body for too long, and needs a suitable host, like the last of the uchiha clan, whom orochi has already chosen/bitten.

Lastly, orochi dies by the hand of Sasuke, once orochi teaches sasuke all of his tricks. Orochi and sasuke try to trick each other, but sasuke wins, as he picks up all of orochi's tricks and kills him when orochi tries to take his body.

Later, kabuto, orochi's right arm, combines orochi's remains with his own body, which later tries to take control over kabuto's body, like a demonic possession over the course of the series like naruto's fox chakra does with naruto.

orochimaru is nasty he spits out snakes and his own body