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Q: What is the default code for the ea falcon code alarm stereo?
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What is the code for the 2000 au Ford Falcon stereo?

each car has its own code,, contact ford.

What is the DNA code for falcon fly?

falcon DNA code

Why will the radio not work and say on the front LOC after the car was not run for a week because the battery died and then the battery was replaced on a Chevy Monte Carlo?

The stereo has "TheftLock". If the power is disconnected from the stereo, it will not turn back on without first inputting the four digit security code. This renders the stereo useless if someone steals it from your car. If you've never set a code, the factory default code will be listed in the owner's manual. If you do not have one, call your local dealer for the default code. will get you your unlock code for you. It's only $5 so it's better than going to the dealership.

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How do you fix the stereo in your 2004 tiburon as it has stopped working since battery diedBattery is replaced but stereo display sHow is ICDE?

need to enter trhe factory code for stereo, battery death resets the unit to factory default the idea is you steal the unit and cant get it to work without code.........usually written on unit or in the car manual which should have come with the car. if not...........happy new stereo unit!

What is the airport code for Falcon Field Arizona?

The airport code for Falcon Field - Arizona - is MSC.

Looking fo stereo code for 2003 Honda civic?

yes i want the code for the stereo

Acura rsx type-s 2006 stereo code?

Stereo codes are unique to each stereo and you will have to get the serial number from the stereo and call an Acura dealer for the code.

Code for stereo Honda Odyssey 2001?

Go to the Honda Dealer for the Code. You should remove the stereo before going to the Dealer to save cash on labor. The stereo has a sticker on it that the dealer needs to get the Code. If you cant remove the stereo the dealer may charge up to 100 for labor. Take the stereo to the parts counter for the Code not Service as Service may want to charge for the Code. Hope this helps.

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What is stereo wiring color code for 2000 Toyota tundra?"

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The wiring color code for a Clarion 7770 stereo is red and black.

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What is Code car stereo on a 2001 Mercedes bens 320?

whats is the code car stereo on a 2001 Mercedes Benz 320

How can you unlocked the security code of your stereo?

i have a 2001 Saturn it has a dolby 8 NR stereo system please tell me the code to unlock it.

Security code for Kenwood KDC-515S car stereo?

Security code for Kenwood kdc-515s car stereo?

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How do you enter a stereo code on a 1992 Acura Legend?

If I remember, turn the stereo on, enter the code using the 6 preset buttons. After the beep, turn the stereo off. Then turn the stereo on and it should be OK. I just pulled my radio to get into the dash.

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the code should be 7495

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What are the codes for a 2000 Mitsubishi galant stereo?

serial # 9Z154277A (on top of stereo) your code is 6563