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Steam Ship

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What does the ''MS'' stand for in ship names?

Motor Ship (nautical vessel designation; also see SS for steam ship)

SS what does it mean?

SS in nautical terms stands for steamshipSS Great Britain is a good example.

What does 'SS' stand for in 'SS US'?

SS = Steam Ship, HMS = His Majesties Ship, RMS = Royal Mail Ship, MV = Motor Vessel, RV = Research Vessel, NS = Nuclear Ship

Where was the nearest vessel after the Titanic sank?

The SS Californian.

How far was the nearest vessel from the Titanic?

The nearest vessel to the Titanic was the SS Carpathia, and it was 50 miles away when the Titanic sank.

What does the ss stand for in the ss minnow?

SS stands for Steam Ship but the minnow was powered by diesel motor and should have had the prefix MV (marine vessel or motorized vessel) however the producers initials were S.S and that is my personal theore as to where it came from, as Minnow came from Minow the head of the FCC

What kind of boat was the SS Minnow?

A very small boat It was a small vessel used for tourist cruises before it became shipwrecked on a deserted island.

What does SS on a ship mean?

The prefix of a vessel's name indicates the kind of propulsion she has. SS for "Steamship," M/V for "Motor Vessel" (vessels that burn fuel in their engines.)

What is the meaning of SS on ships?

The prefix "SS" designation on a merchant vessel stands for Steam Ship; there are several other designations that reveal the type of propulsion the vessel uses. For example: MV - Motor Vessel (vessels that run strictly on engines that do not convert water to steam for propulsion and electricity) SV - Sailing Vessel MT - Motor Tanker or Motor Tugboat MSV - Motor Stand-by Vessel There are several other prefix designations - you can view them at the link below.

What does SS in Ships names mean?

The term "S.S." in the name of a ship stands for "Steam Ship", if it is a surface vessel - in the Navy, "SS" stands for Submersible Ship, or submarine. All vessels have some type of prefix designator to denote the type of ship it is. For example, M/V or MV stands for Motor Vessel, SV stands for Sailing Vessel, etc.

What does SS mean on yachts?

"SS stands for Steam Ship for commercial or private vessels that are under power. Vessels that are gasoline or diesel powered are marked "MV", or Motor Vessel.

What does SS officer mean?

The SS was the secret police of Germany who controlled the internal security for Hitler. An officer is one of the leaders within that unit. See definition and explanation of SS.

What the S S stand for in S S Venture?

When a vessel has SS in front of it it usually means Steam Ship.

What does SS mean in SS Great Britain?

When used in front of the names of ships SS stands for steamship.

What is ss tuner and its applications?

ss tuner is used for calculating the depth of penetration

How were the SS and the Gestapo used against opposition?

the Gestapo arrested them and the SS imprisoned them

What did ss soldiers do?

what is ss soldiers?! A US World War 2 veteran told me that the SS were mostly elite soldiers who were used as the US used the Marines. Some of the SS committed war crimes, and that is how they are mostly remembered today, but the real history of the SS is much more complicated.

What does SS on Navy Ships stand for?

SS is short for Steam Ship and used on civilian ships. NS would be Nuclear Ship and there was at least one civilian nuclear powered vessel. US Navy ships carry the prefix of USS for United States Ship. British Navy ships have HMS for Her Majesty's Ship.

What does SS on a ship stand for?

SS is short for Steam Ship and used on civilian ships. NS would be Nuclear Ship and there was at least one civilian nuclear powered vessel. USS is a prefix designation for a military ships that stand for "United States Ship". HMS is a prefix designation for a British ships that stand for "His(Her) Majesty's Ship". Other ship designations you may see are 'MS' which stands for 'Motor Ship' and 'M/V' which stands for 'Motor Vessel'.

What does the SS mean in SS Maine?

When used before the name of a ship, S.S. is an abbreviation for steamship.

What is the genotype for Ss Ss ss ss?

You cannot do a cross to determine the genotypes of individuals because there is only one gene here. Genotype consists of the entire genetic makeup of the individual, which cannot be determined by a single gene. Only the alleles S or s is used to express this particular gene. If you're looking for a monohybrid cross between Ss and Ss, while separately wanting a result between ss and ss, then the answers are as follows: Ss x Ss 25% SS 50% Ss 25% ss ss x ss = 100% ss

Were there criminals in the SS?

It really depends on what your definition of a criminal is; after the war the SS was declared a criminal organisation, so they were all criminals. But yes, for example the commandant of Auschwitz had spent time in prison.

What does SS on nonmilitary vessels stand for?

Screw Ship. A vessel with a screw- type propeller, rather than a side-wheel or sail powered one.

What does ss mean for submarines?

The US Navy long ago coined a vessel classification code based on two or three letters, SS was assigned to Submarine ( by the way BB was assigned to Battleships, and DD to Destroyers, there are split variations such as DDR- Radar destroyer with heavy ECm equipment, SSN-Nuclear submarine, general type, SSBN, Nuclear sub, Ballistic Missile type ( such as Polaris using) and so on By itself SS designates a conventional, non-nuclear, that is Diesel-Electric submarine such as the U.S.S. Ling ( SS-297) which is a museum vessel in Hackensack, N.J. Take it in!

What does SS stand for in legal documents?

What does the "ss" stand for on the Venue? s.s. is the latin word "Scilicet" meaning "in particular" or "namely". What is a Venue? The definition of Venue is "The clause in an affidavit naming the locality where it was made and sworn to".