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System application programme

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Q: What is the definition of a SAP system?
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What is definition of sap fico?

sap fi is for finance and co for controlling.

What is the definition of sap?

Sap is a liquid that is sticky and has sugar in it, in scientific forms. BUT, do not eat it!

What is netweaver in sap?

SAP NetWeaver is an open integration and application platform for all SAP applications. Definition: Sheikh Younus.

How do you obtain a SAP number?

You can contact your system administrator and request they create a SAP number for you. If you do not have a system administrator, you can request a SAP number directly from the SAP Service Marketplace.

Fullform of fico in sap erp?

SAP "System Application and Products"

What is the definition for phloem sap?

"Phloem sap" is the product of photosysnthesis in the leaves - basic sugars like sucrose and glucose

What other system is comparible to SAP?

SAP is a database system. Their primary competitors are Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

What is Business partner in SAP CRM?

sap mean system application product

What computerized accounting system does SAP use?

SAP Is itself a computarized accounting system and does not use any other computarized accounting system.

What is OSS mean in SAP?

Online Service System - created by SAP to provide services to SAP R/3. Lalit

What does sap stands for in accounting?

SAP stands for Systems, Applications and programs for accounting system.

Where can one find an ERP system definition?

One can find an ERP system using various different resources. The major companies that offer services for this would be Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and SSA Global.

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