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A polar satellite which revolves around the sun and collect the image, data and technical features around the sun.

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Is IRS a polar satellite or equatorial satellite?

It is polar orbiting.

What is a polar satellite State two uses of a polar satellite?

a polar satellite is a satellite that travels around the earth passing over both poles with every orbit. they are use for mapping and spying

What is the definition of 'optical satellite communication'?

definition of optical satellite communication

What is a polar satellite?

The Polar Satellite was a spacecraft that was built by NASA and was launched in February 1996. It was invented and sent to space to gain data on the polar magnetosphere and the occurrences of aurora.

Why moon is a satellite?

It orbits a larger body, the definition of a satellite.

What is polar satellite?

The Polar Satellite was the name for a NASA science spacecraft which was launched February 24, 1996, to observe the magnetosphere. Polar was in a 86 degree orbital inclination with an orbital period of roughly 17.5 hours. The Polar Mission Operations were terminated on April 28th, 2008. Any satellite with a 90 degree tilt is considered to have a "polar orbit", as it allows the satellite to view every latitude of the Earth including the north and south poles.

What is the definition of a satellite?

A floaty thingy

Full form of PSLV?

polar satellite launching vehicle

What is the full form of PSLV?

Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

Why are polar satellites called Detective satellite?

A satellite in a polar orbit orbits from north to south. As the earth turns, it passes over all the surface area of the earth. Therefore, polar orbits are ideal for detecting things on the planet's surface.

What is the definition of a natural satellite?

i DOT know

What is the definition for satellite maps?

A map used by scientists from a satellite view that shows land features

How are satellite images taken?

They are taken from a very high definition camera attached to a satellite in space.

What is the definition of artificial satellite?

An artificial satellite is a man made object that orbits a planet or a moon.

The name of the Satellite which launched by India on 15th October 1994 from sriharikota?

Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle(PSLV) C11.

What type of satellite orbits perpendicular to the earths equator?

polar satallite

What are absolute relative and polar coordinates?

absolute relative and polar coordinates definition

What is a polar orbit used for?

From a polar orbit, a satellite can observe over time anypoint on the globe from directly above it.

What are the satellite planets?

By definition planets orbit a star and satellites orbit a planet. Therefore there are no satellite planets.

What is the definition and meaning of technology satellite?

A technology satellite generally provides electronic services to people on earth.

What is the definition of satillite?

Satellite is an artificial body orbiting the earth.

What is the definition of sputnik and answer?

Sputnik was an early Russian space satellite.

It likely to be the dictionary definition of moon?

The natural satellite of a planet.

Is the sun a satelite?

The definition of a satellite is an object that orbits a planet. Therefore by definition, the sun cannot be a satellite. The solar system does, however, travel around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Polar winds definition?

The permanent outflow of ionization from the polar regions of the magnetosphere Provide it wrong