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Underground cables are 'armoured' in order to protect them against mechanical damage. This armour takes either of two forms: (1) steel tape, or (2) wire. Wire armour tends to be used on cables with a larger diameter, as it makes them more flexible compared to cables with tape armour.

In both cases, the armour is spiral-wound towards the outer part of the cable along its length and is, itself, protected with a hessian or plastic outer layer.

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Q: What is the definition of a steel wired armoured cable in electrical engineering?
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How do you choose armoured cable?

The use of armoured cable is determined by the application that needs an electrical source of voltage. It is a metal sheath cable classification. Armoured cable is used in applications that need mechanical protection usually below a certain elevation. Armoured cable is also usually used on surface wiring. If you have access to an electrical code book there is a whole section on armoured cable. In the CEC the section about armoured cable starts at 12-600 to 12-618.

What is the difference between armoured cable and un-armoured cable?

The difference between and armoured and un-armoured cable is in their outer layers. Armoured cable has additional outer protective layer of steel or aluminium while un-armoured has a PVC or nylon outer sheath.

Define 2XFY in electric cable?

Copper xlpe armoured cable

What is the meaning of YRY cable?

Yry means copper round armoured cable

What size armoured cable would be needed for a 3 phase and neutral 80 amp 415volts supply?

It will come 25mm 4 core armoured cable

What is live in electrical engineering?

"Live" means that there is current running through the cable or wire or system in general.

What are the advantage of using copper wire armoured cable?

The advantage of using armoured cable over rigid conduit systems is the flexibility of the cable. There are some situations where conduit can not be bent into the shade needed to make a proper connection to a device. Because of the flexibility if the armoured cable it can be used instead to make a presentable looking job.

What is SWB armoured cable?

SWB - Steel Wire Braid

What should be the bending radius of armoured power cable?

The radius of the curve of the inner edge of the bends shall be at least 6 times the external diameter of the armoured cable. For low voltage cable, 10.5 times the diameter of the cable. For high voltage cable, 18 times the diameter of the cable.

Can I see a photograph of armoured cable?

yes, but picture can not be enclosed here

What is the meaning of the 2xfy in cable?

Copper XLPE Armoured Power Cables.

What is bend radius of power cable how can you calculate the bend radius of 3c xlpe 240sqmm armoured cable having diameter of 100mm?

The radius of the curve of the inner edge of the bends shall be at least 6 times the external diameter for armoured cable.

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