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is the set of courses, and their content, offered at a school or university. your welcome for answering your question hahah <3 Terri mf Green.

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What is Curriculum and the learner?

definition of curriculum

What is the operational definition of curriculum?


What is the definition of language curriculum?

language curriculum

What is definition of general education curriculum?

curriculum is all planned learning for which the is responsible

What is the definition of teacher-centered curriculum?

the curriculum in which teacher role is dominant

What is the definition of curriculum evaluation?

your father idiont

What is the definition of co-curriculum?

Co-curriculur is something that is done outside of the school curriculum such as sports or clubs/organizations you are involved in

Discuss Hilda taba's1962 curriculum development model?

Weaknesses of the definition of curriculum development by hilda taba

What is the definition of curriculum management?

love is its meaning love is its meaning

What is the definition of makabayan?

it is a curriculum that studies the Philippine culture and history.

Definition of training effectiveness?

The student achieves the learning objectives of the curriculum.

Definition of theme-based curriculum?

Thematic curriculum is the management of teaching and learning through a themes selected to suit the time, place and child's interest and background.

What was lawton definition of curriculum?

According to Denis Lawton, curriculum is defined as a selection from the culture of a society, and this selection should be appropriate for all children. His study was an analysis between class, education, and culture.

Definition of curriculum evaluation?

&middot; Worthen and Sanders (1987) define curriculum evaluation as "the formal determination of the quality, effectiveness, or value of a programme, product, project, process, objective, or curriculum" (p.22-23). &middot; Gay (1985) argues that the aim of curriculum evaluation is to identify its weaknesses and strengths as well as problems encountered in implementation; to improve the curriculum development process; to determine the effectiveness of the curriculum and the returns on finance allocated. &middot; Oliva (1988) defined curriculum evaluation as the process of delineating, obtaining, and providing useful information for judging decision alternatives. The primary decision alternatives to consider based upon the evaluation results are: to maintain the curriculum as is; to modify the curriculum; or to eliminate the curriculum.

What is the definiton of co-curriculum?

co-curriculum is co-curriculum

Comparison among intended curriculum implemented curriculum achieved curriculum and hidden curriculum?

With the intended curriculum, it deals with those part of the curriculum that are supposed to be taught, and with the implemented curriculum deals with what was been able to be taught or implemented and lastly the hidden curriculum entails those part of the curriculum that are unintentional, unwritten, unofficial which students learn in school.

What is the definition of engineering physics?

The definition of engineering physics is an introductory college course in physics for potential engineering majors. This differs from regular physics in the inclusion of calculus in the curriculum instead of just algebra.

What are the components of a curriculum?

Curriculum has 4 components: 1. curriculum Aims, goals and objectives 2. Curriculum subject content 3. Curriculum experience 4. curriculum Evaluation

What is definition of recall facts?

a value of education which is to be de-emphasized in reform of science according to new American national curriculum standards

What is the similarities between traditional curriculum and progressive curriculum?

they are both curriculum

Knowledge about how children develop knowing what to teach and when assessing what children have learned and adapting curriculum best fits the definition of?

developmentally appropriate practice

What is the difference between curriculum planning and curriculum development?

curriculum is student centered while curriculum planning is teacher centered.

What is the definition of Tobephobia?

Tobephobia is the fear of failure experienced by educators and students in the educational environment. For example, a sudden change in the school's curriculum will lead to educators and students suffering from Tobephobia because they cannot cope to meet the new requirements set out in the curriculum.

What are the five types of curricula as described by westbury?

-curriculum as the development of cognitive processes -curriculum as technology -curriculum as self-actualization or conumatory experience -curriculum of social learning -curriculum for academic

What is the difference between broad field curriculum and core curriculum?

What is different between core curriculum design and broad field curriculum design

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