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That is almost defined by the people using the word. It should mean that tourism is limited in size and what tourists can do, in order to protect the habitat they are visiting. However, people can use the term to make people think they are being ecologically smart, when it is only a marketing ploy.

Pure ecologically sustainable tourism is the maximum number of toursits one can let into a habitat without any ecological damage. From a business standpoint, it is the number of tourists one can allow into a habitat with sustainable repairable damage so that the habitat can be visited by future tourists. The first definition is more green-friendly whereas the second is dollar-friendy.

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Q: What is the definition of ecologically sustainable tourism?
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It's very clean and sustainable development and especially ecological.

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There are two versions of sustainable tourism. Eco-tourism is similar but is more focussed on environmental impacts and saving the world for future generations. Sustainable tourism is a place, event or tourist attraction that is sustainable in three main areas, it meets the "Triple Bottom Line". To be sustainable, it must be economically, environmentally and socio-culturally sustainable. Not many tourism ideas and places are, but they can meet the Line partially.

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Tourism is sustainable, because tourists take out their own garbage and tread lightly on the continent.

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No. Tourism can be sustainable.

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Tourism is sustainable as long as all resources in an area are protected. This is why many museums do not allow flash photography.

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we need sustainable tourism because our enviroment will improve and the world will become a better place.

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Using sustainable tourism would be a logical solution. The aim of sustainable tourism is to make a low impact on the environment and local people while opening future job opportunities for locals and creating an enjoyable and financially sustainable tourism resort.

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no difference. just the linguistic difference

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Bakhtiar Ahmed has written: 'Sustainable tourism and cultural heritage' -- subject(s): Heritage tourism, Ecotourism, Sustainable development

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Tourism policy is a set of limits designed to create competitive and sustainable tourism destinations in an area. It is important to have a formal policy in order to implement effective changes in activities, to offer activities that will encourage tourism, and to be sure that all activities are sustainable in that area.

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sustainable tourism can make kenyas economy grow in a more better working society and it can bring money to Kenya without the savanna or anything being damaged

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Tourism to Antarctica is already sustainable, because tourists take nothing from the continent and leave nothing there. All Antarctic tours by boat are self-contained on the boats.

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