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What is the definition of electronic classroom?


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E classroom


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# ****electronic mail ****

The definition of WEEE compliance is Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive. It means it mandates the recycling and collection of electronic devices.

inequality among people in a classroom

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verbal exchanges among students and between students and teacher during learning process mostly done in the classroom

The simple definition of an electronic signal is a mode of communication that is generated through electric means. This refers to an electric current that is passed in an electromagnetic field.

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it is the study of electrons and its electronic phenomenae.

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Email is an abbreviation for electronic mail.

An electronic device that senses light.

AND gates are parts of electronic transistor circuitry.

Classroom assessment measurements are commonly used by teachers in a classroom setting. They include things like tests, reports, essays, or any other tool that can measure a student's learning.

A sense of common purpose and values that are shared by the teacher and students in a classroom, so that they see themselves as working together in the process of learning.

E Commerce means electronic selling of a product or service online or through other electronic means.

A comprehensive definition of IT as "electronic technologies for collecting, storing, processing, and communicating information

David M. Crossman has written: 'The electronic classroom : a guide for planning. --'

Some are

Instrumentation is a do it now type and Electronic is created through technology.

an electronic device that gives the object you put it in power

The definition of an electronic computer is a machine for performing calculations automatically. They are sometimes called processor and are designed to perform operations and accept data.

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