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What is the definition of luddite?

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A Luddite mindset in this sentence probably means an anti technology mindset. The Luddites, as the industrial revolution took hold saw that machines did the work of men quicker & more efficiently. Obviously this meant there would be less work for men to do & therefore they might be unemployed & therefore in poverty. If they could destroy the machenery then their jobs would not be taken away from them.

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When did the luddite movement end?

The luddite revolts were quelled by the British government in 1813

What is the word which describes a person that does not believe in modern technology?

Luddite or neo-luddite

What is a synonym for technophobe?


Make a sentence with the word luddite?

John opposes technical or technological change, and has been a luddite for many years.

What is the opposite of a luddite?

I was called a luddite because I don't spend my time on Facebook. Ok, I get that one of the definitions of a luddite is a person that opposes technology. Someone, please tell me what the opposite of this type of person is - if your answer is funny that will even be better!

How do you pronounce luddite?


What is an opponent of technology called?

A Luddite.

What is the name for someone who is afraid of technology?


A person that completely rejects modern technology?


What is another word to describe a person who hates technology?


What is tecknology?

Tecknology is for the Luddite that does not have a spell check or knows how to use one.

What are the release dates for Super Force - 1990 The Luddite Crusade 2-15?

Super Force - 1990 The Luddite Crusade 2-15 was released on: USA: 25 February 1992

When did the Luddite riots end?

The Luddites were 19th century artisan textile makers who protested the new machinery brought on by the Industrial Revolution. They felt that it threatened their livelihoods. They protested and destroyed expensive machinery for years. In 1813, the British government effectively put a stop to the Luddite movement by putting more than sixty men on trial for Luddite activities. The men on trial were harshly punished, which kept others from continuing protests on the outside. However, isolated Luddite incidents did continue to happen for several more years.

What are the release dates for Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie - 2006 The Hungry Luddite 1-5?

Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie - 2006 The Hungry Luddite 1-5 was released on: USA: 7 November 2006

What is the one word for a person who resists technological progress?

Luddite : a person who resists technological progression.

A word for someone who hates technology?

A Luddite - someone who hates technology A Technophobe - someone who is afraid of technology

What is one word for a person who resists change?

A Conservative (non-political) A Conservative (non-political) A Luddite

What do you call a person who doesn't like technology?

Technophobe? OK, so that's "fear of..." but it's often the same root. Fear of something often manefests as "I just don't like it!" Try Luddite. See the Related Link below for more information. +++ "Luddite" is often used to insult someone who fears or simply avoids technology... whatever that is! (The usual context in which 'technology' is used, is IT and telecommunications, but that's not its meaning). However, the technophobe has the last laugh for those use call him or her a Luddite obviously do not know who the Luddites were and why they gained their bad reputation! OK, so you've piqued my interest... What is a luddite and why did they gain their bad reputation?

What is the word for people who hate technology?

A neo-Luddite.The Luddites were a movement of British textile artisans in the early nineteenth century who protested against the changes brought about by the industrial revolution. They often destroyed machinery.Related link:

Use Misoneism in a sentence?

Their Misoneism was evident in their use of an abacus. One may even go as far as calling them a Luddite.

What is the word for a person who is opposed to change and wants things to stay as they were sometime in the past?

Such a one is called a Luddite, a reactionary, a conservative, a Miniver Cheevy.

How were the Luddite Punished?

They were hanged, killed or shipped of to Australia where they worked in mines as prisoners. They had the option, however, to state other names of people that were Luddites which could grant them their freedom.

What you call a person who hates change?

== == A person who hates/dislikes change is a "neophobe", the opposite of a "neophile" who is easily excited by novelty. Sentence: A bunch of childish neophobes have created a Facebook group objecting to minor layout revisions and new features. If you're talking about someone who hates TECHNOLOGICAL change specifically, you might be looking for the word "luddite" or "neo-luddite" (since Luddites were a type of people from 19th Century England).

What would you call someone who doesn't do well with new things?

You could call such a person a Luddite because they hate new technology. The terms come from 18th century English workmen protesting knitting machinery.

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The definition of "dictionary" is in the dictionary, and so is the definition of "definition".

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