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Food is burned to release energy

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What is the final product of protein synthesis?

A protein. That's what protein synthesis means.

The last step in the synthesis of secretory protein synthesis is?

The last step in the synthesis of secretory protein synthesis is exocytosis.

What are the sites of protein synthesis in cells?

Ribosomes are the sites of protein synthesis.

Structure responsible for protein synthesis?

Ribosomes, are responsible for protein synthesis.

What organelle is necessary for protein synthesis?

ribosomes are necessary for protein synthesis

Is protein synthesis an example of an exergonic reaction?

No, protein synthesis is endergonic.

What structure is involved with protein synthesis?

Ribosomes are involved in protein synthesis.

Where is the majority OF protein synthesis occurs?

Ribosomes are the site of protein synthesis

What is enzyme synthesis?

protein synthesis

How do antibiotics affect protein synthesis?

how antibiotics inhibit protein synthesis in bacteria

What is the structure responsible for protein synthesis?

ribosomes are responsible for the structure of protein synthesis.

What do the ribosomes job?

They provide surface for protein synthesis. They are the sites of protein synthesis.

What is protein synthesis called?

In molecular biology, protein synthesis is called transcription.

This organelle's function is protein synthesis?

Ribosomes are directly involved in protein synthesis

what are the two parts of protein synthesis?

transcription and translation

When will a protein synthesis end?

Protein synthesis typically ends when a ribosome reaches an end codon on the messenger RNA. The purpose of these codons is to stop protein synthesis.

What promotes protein synthesis?

what promotes protein synthesis? ACTH, thymus, growth, receptor

The step in protein synthesis where RNA directs the synthesis of a polypeptide or protein is called?


Function of ribosomes in protein synthesis?

They invoive in protein synthesis.It provides surface for synthesis.

Where does plasma protein synthesis occur?

All plasma protein synthesis occurs in the liver.

How can mutation affect protein synthesis in cell?

how can protein synthesis affect cells? what is the result?

Which of the following is the normal start codon for proteins synthesis?

Protein synthesis is the process by which a protein is made. Protein Synthesis has two steps, transcription and translation. If there were to be your mom is fat

Where does protein synthesis occur in mitosis?

protein synthesis occur in G1 phase whereas tubulin protein is synthesized in G2.

What organelle is the site of protein synthesis?

Protein synthesis occurs in the ribosomes. Ribosomes are not membrane-bound. The nucleolus is the site of ribosome synthesis.

Why is protein synthesis important?

Protein synthesis-growth====its the process in how we grow, how characteristics are brought out in us e.g. an enxyme in your stomach digests protein. If protein synthesis didnt produce this we wouldntdigest protein. Same goes for everythng else.