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When the word shearing is used to refer to earthquakes, it means to break or shear off of something. This word is used because when an earthquake happens, it breaks the ground up.

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When talking about earthquakes what does shearing mean?

Shearing is something that happens when two plates from transform boundaries slide past each other. This kind of stress is called shearing. so when two plates are rubbing up against each other basically. go to this website to get another definition and a picture.

What stress causes earthquakes?

There are three types of stress tension, compression, and shearing they all cause earthquakes.

What are 3 types of stress and the faults each creates?

Tension, Compression, and Shearing they all create earthquakes

What is the definition of earthquakes and faults?

Use a dictionary

What is sysmology?

The simplest definition for "Sysmology" is: the study of earthquakes.

Definition of Newton's law of viscosity?

It states that shearing force per unit area is proportional to negative of velocity gradient.

What does tremor mean when your talking about volcanos and earthquakes?

A small earthquake

Does Neptune have earthquakes?

It depends. Are you talking about the god? Yes, Neptune the god controls earthquakes but if the planet has them is unknown so far.

What does shearing mean?

shearing mean change in shape

What is the best definition of a fable?

talking animals is the basal definition for a fable.

What is the definition of prayer?

Talking to God.

Is it London experiencing earthquake?

It depends which London you are talking about. London, England, is not experiencing any earthquakes, as England cannot actually have earthquakes.

What is rock deformation that is like a piece of miles clay and does not lead to earthquakes called?

if you are talking about deformation, it does cause earthquakes but they are very small

What is the ratio of modulus of rigidity?

shearing stress to shearing strain

When was Rebecca Shearing born?

Rebecca Shearing was born in 1992.

When was The Shearing Touch created?

The Shearing Touch was created in 1960.

When was Peter Shearing born?

Peter Shearing was born in 1938.

What is definition of transverse shear?

Look it The shearing action/force which takes place in y-direction(transverse dirn.)is known as transverse shear...........

What is the definition of gap hypothesis?

A hypothesis that stated that sections of active faults that have had relatively few earthquakes are likely to be the sites of strong earthquakes in the future.

What is shearing of rocks?

Shearing of rocks is when rocks are pushed in opposite directions.

What is shearing on earth's crust?

shearing is when rocks pushes in opposite directions

What is the definition of a destructive force?

it is earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes, tornado, anything of nature

How earthquakes and the destruction they cause are measured?

They are measured on the Richter Scale, if you are talking about the magnitude

What is the definition of commercial arrangement?

it is about buisness talking about... :)

What type of plate boundary are most tsunamis associated with?

Transform boundry, or what's known as shearing. It causes the plates to move past each other causing earthquakes in any areas.

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