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Similar figures are polygons with the same shape but a different size.

eg: 5cm square compared to a 10cm square = similar figures. Same shape but different size.

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Similar figures are geometrical figures, which have the same shape but not the same size

figures that are the same shape but different sizes

corresponding sides angles or have the same relative poisition in similar figures.

Congruent figures are always similar. However, similar figures are only sometimes congruent.

The ratio of any two corresponding similar geometric figures lengths in two . Note: The ratio of areas of two similar figures is the square of the scale factor. The ratio of volumes of two similar figures is the cube of the scale factor. .... (: hope it helped (: .....

All congruent figures are similar figures, and have identical sizes.

The Definition of Congruent Figures (which is a proof) says that if two figures have corresponding sides congruent and corresponding angles congruent, then the figures are to be congruent.

Are congruent figures always similar? Yes.

Similar figures have the same shape but not necessarily the same size

Congruent figures are similar - in sides as well as angles. Corresonding angles of similar figures congruent but their sides are not. The sides are all in some fixed ratio. [If that ratio is 1, the figures are congruent.]

Congruent figures are identical in dimensions and angles whereas similar figures have dimensions in proportion to congruent figures but both have exactly the same angles.

Corresponding angles in similar figures should be the same, not supplementary.

yes. if the two figures are the same size and shape, then they are similar

Corresponding sides of similar figures are proportional.

similar figures have the same shape but not the same lengths, while congruent shapes are the same as eachother.

similar figures have the same angles but not necessarily the same side lengths

a solid geometric figure whose two end faces are similar, equal, and parallel rectilinear figures, and whose sides are parallelograms.

Similar means that the figures are the same shape yet not the same size. If the figures are the exact same size and shape, then they are congruent.

no because if they are conmgruent then they are similar

Yes, congruent figures have to be similar

when it comes to similar figures or angles you must know that they are the same shape but not the same size.

No. Two figures are similar if they have same shape, and all the angles are equal; but they can have the sides of different sizes. I mean, similar figures may have different sizes, but must have the same shape.

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