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What is the definition of social gradient?

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Reflects an individual's or population group's position in society and different access to and security of resources such as education, employment and housing, as well as different levels of participation in civic society and control over life.

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What is the definition of a river gradient?

The gradient of a river is the steepness of its slope.

What is the definition of electric gradient?

the rate of change of maximum value of potential with respect to distance is known as potential gradient

Definition and scope of social work?

definition and scope of social work

What is the correct definition of stream gradient?

A stream gradient is the grade measure by the ratio of drop in elevation of a stream. It is expressed as feet per mile.

What is meant by the term concentration gradient?

The definition of concentration gradient is a slow measured change in the concentration of solutes in solutions that is between regions. Solutes move along a concentration gradient in a movement called diffusion.

What is social gradient?

The effect of absolute and relative income on the Individual's Health

What is the definition of a river channel gradient?

How steep the river is e.g. the long profile

What is the definition of social elements?

what are social elements?

What is the definition of social change?

what is social change

What is the definition of social advertisement?

social advertisement is all about social advertising.

What is the definition of social well being?

the ability to get along with other people is the definition to social well being..

A line is the locus of points which what?

A line is the locus of points such that the gradient (slope) between that point and one fixed point in the plane is a constant. Technically, that definition does not include a vertical line because its gradient is not defined! You could get around that this by requiring that either the gradient is a constant or, if it is undefined, then the inverse gradient (dx/dy) is constant.

Why are all horizontal lines parallel?

By definition, lines are parallel if they have the same gradient (slope). Any horizontal line has a gradient of 0, so it is parallel to any other horizontal line.

What is the social studies definition of caravan?

what is a caravan in social studies

What is definition of social class?

Where someone stands in the social heirarchy.

Definition of social organization theory?

By definition, social organizational theory is the study of formal social organizations. These can include businesses, corporations, charities, and even churches.

What is the definition of social organizer?

Definition for social organizations:Web definitions:(social organization) the people in a society considered as a system organized by a characteristic pattern of relationships; "

What is the definition of a cline and a cluster?

A cluster is a clumped distribution while cline represents a continuous distribution (a gradient).

Define term gradient give definition of fick's law?

Fick's laws of diffusion describe diffusion and can be used to solve for the diffusion, the concentration gradient (spatial derivative), or in simplistic terms the concept.

Can social science be considered science?

By definition social science is science.

What is the definition of social education?

Social Education is the education of society or community.

What is the definition of social culture?


What is the definition for social elements?


Definition of social globalization?


What is the definition of social pyramid?

I think the definition of social pyramid is all of the jobs that the people of Egypt have leading to the highest class which is the pharaoh