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a sprain happens if a ligament is torn

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Q: What is the definition of sprain?
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Is a sprained ankle and twisted ankle the same?

The definition of a sprain is the tearing or stretching of ligaments. Sprains are usually classified in severity from grade I through grade III. To answer your question a twisted ankle can result in a grade I through III sprain or no sprain at all depending on the severity of the trauma (twisting).

Can you sprain your pelvis?

Technically you can not sprain your pelvis it's self. You can sprain your hip however, this is because a sprain is located in a joint.

Can you sprain your thumb bone?

A sprain is soft tissue damage. You cannot sprain a bone. You can sprain your thumb, just not the bone itself.

What is lumbar sprain?

A sprain of the lumbar vertebrata.

What is the Hebrew word for sprain?

to sprain (verb) = naká (נקע) sprain (noun) = néka (נקע)

What is the most common injury in the U.S?

An ankle sprain

What are the difference between a strain and a sprain?

A sprain is an injury to a ligament. A sprain is an injury to a muscle or tendon.

What is the future tense of sprain?

The future tense is "will sprain"

what takes longer to heal a sprain or a break?


Can you give you a sentence that has the word sprain?

You will sprain your ankle.

Where does the name sprain come from in sprain brook parkway grassy sprain road sprain reservoir etc in yonkers ny?

Spraint an Indian name for otter dung

What is past tense for sprain?

Sprained is the past tense of sprain.

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