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The definition of uniform is unvarying or always the same. The definition of syllabus is an outline or summary of the main points.Ê

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Is the term whiteguy racist?

There is no uniform definition of racism.

What is the definition of contemplative teacher?

The definition of contemplative teacher is one who uses experiences of awareness to teach. This is a liberal way of teaching that is not confined to the syllabus only.

What is the definition of a circle?

Pi 360 degrees uniform curve

What word has this definition of many matching outfits of clothing?


What is a palindrome that is a synonym for uniform?

level Uniform when used as an adjective, means "constant; unvarying; undeviating" where level means "even, equable, or uniform." (it's even in the definition!)

How do you add style to a school uniform?

By definition, a "uniform" is designed to be the same as everyone else. In order to add individual style to any uniform, one must alter the uniform which will make it no longer a uniform. It sucks, but a uniform is designed to make you look just like everyone else in a uniform.

What is The definition of head tax?

a uniform tax imposed on each person

What is a definition of heterogeneous mixture?

A mixture that does not have uniform composition and properties throughout.

What is a syllabus chemistery?

What is a syllabus chemistery?" What is a syllabus chemistery?"

What is the definition of non uniform speed?

If an object covers unequal distance in unequal intervals of time ,we can say it is in non uniform speed

What is the definition of prescribable items?

Uniform items which may be directed or authorized for wear with the basic uniform. Items may be worn with basic uniform at the individual's discretion unless otherwise directed

What is the definition for uniform motion in algebra?

An object is said to be in uniform motion when it goes in a constant straight line. Motion is the part of the mechanics branch of physics.

Syllabus in MAPEH?

How to do the syllabus of mapeh

What the definition of ryhthm?

movement or procedure with uniform or patterned recurrence of a beat, accent, or the like.

What is the definition of uniform retardation?

When a body completes unquak distances in unequal intervals of time

What is the definition of uniform probability model?

when you are laughing so hard that ibrahim benhadjtahar dies

What is acceleration of the object moving with uniform velocity?

"Uniform velocity" means constant speed in a straight line.That's a good working definition of zeroacceleration.

Is function is in syllabus?

The answer depends on syllabus for WHAT!

What part of speech is syllabus?

Syllabus is a noun.

What is the international syllabus?

International syllabus are the syllabus which are studied in the international schools all over the world. :)

What is the syllabus for B tech?

Syllabus and Course Structure for M-Tech:M.Tech. (Electronics)Syllabus and Course StructureM.Tech. (Electrical)Syllabus and Course StructureM-Tech (Mechanical) Syllabus and Course StructureM-Tech (Civil) Syllabus and Course StructureM-Tech (Computer) Syllabus and Course StructureM.Tech. (I.T)Syllabus and Course Structure

What is the formula of uniform acceleration?

There are several formulae that involve uniform acceleration. For example, the definition of uniform acceleration:dv/dt = c or: a = c (where "c" is some constant).

What is the definition of a Cell line?

The definition of a Cell Line is a culture developed from a single cell in which the makeup of the cells is uniform. essentially it is part of cloning of cells.

What is a Syllabus?

a teaching plan A syllabus is basically an outline A syllabus is a description of a course, containing information about the course.

Definition of uniform-magnetic field?

they are parallel to each other and maintain equal distances............

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