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waxes: gets larger, grows

wanes: gets smaller, diminishes in size

The terms are most familiarly used to refer to the phases of the moon. The moon is said to be waxing when is goes from new moon to full moon, and after the full moon we say it wanesuntil it reaches the end of the cycle at the next new moon.

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Q: What is the definition of waxes and wanes?
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The moon 'waxes and 'wanes' what does it mean?

Moon waxes means increase in the size of moon & wanes means decrease in the size of moon

What does the moon do all in a month?

Waxes and wanes

An antonym for the word wanes?

waxes.His political popularity waxes and wanes according to fickleness of the electorate.

Why is there a difference between waxing and waning?

The moon becomes fuller as it waxes and lessens as it wanes. That's just the way it is.

How does the phase of the moon change from day to day?

The Moon waxes or wanes every day as it goes through a cycle.

What is the mid way point of a moon phase?

The Moon's phase starts at the new moon as it waxes and then wanes, so the mid point will be the full moon.

What is the difference between a waxing phase and a waning phase?

When the moon is waxing it is becoming more fully lit by the sun. It waxes to a full moon and then wanes to a sliver.

What word beginning with W could describe something which has decreased in size?

to wane: waned (like the moon grows larger when it waxes and as it wanes it grows smaller.)

Does the moon wax and wane?

Answer Yes. The moon waxes (grows) and wanes (decreases in power) each month due to the Earth coming between it and the Sun as they move in orbit.

What is the most recent conflicts in Syria?

The Arab-Israeli Conflict is an eternal Syrian Conflict that waxes and wanes with the times. Currently the Syrian government is spending its resources butchering its own citizens.

How does the moon wax and wane?

The moon waxes and wanes due to the shadow of the earth. The shadow of the earth passes between the sun and the moon casting a shadow on the moon and making it appear in different shapes.

After the half moon phase the moon's lighted side appears to grow smaller every night or what?

When the moon appears to grow smaller, we say it "wanes". Conversely, when it gets bigger, we say it "waxes".

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