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its a factor with two pairs of the same number


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The length of a factor string depends on how many factors are in it. The smallest are factor pairs, the longest are prime factorizations.

Yes. Factor pairs are always repeated across pairs since factor pairs are certain kinds of pairs.

the factor pairs are 1x35, 5x7

the factor pairs are 1x35 & 5x7

Factors are single numbers. Factor pairs are listed in pairs.

A way to show factor pairs in a list of all the factors of a number. A factor rainbow can be used to check whether a list of factors is correct.

Mathematicians call them "factor pairs."

The factor pairs of 51 are (1,51) and (17,3)

The factor pairs of 57 are 3x19 and 1x57

The factor pairs of 343 are (343,1) and (49,7)

Factor pairs refer to integers, not decimals.

The factor pairs are 1•41

The factor pairs of 91 are (1,91) and (7,13).

There are 3 factor pairs of 16.

The factor pairs of 27 are 1x27 and 3x9.

20 has 3 factor pairs. Pairs are (1,20), (2,10) and (9,9)

The factor pairs of 12 are (12,1), (6,2), and (4,3) The factor pairs of 18 are (18,1), (9,2), and (6,3)

The factor pairs of 16 are 1x16, 8x2, and 4x4

The Factor pairs for 80 are 1x80, 2x40, and 8x10

The factor pairs of 75 are (75,1), (25,3), and (15,5)

The factor pairs are 1 and 8, and 2 and 4

The factor pairs of 98 are (1,98), (2,49), and (7,14).

The factor pairs are the length and width of the rectangles.

The factor pairs of 549 are (549,1), (183,3), and (61,9)

The factor pairs of 111 are 1x111, 11x10. These are in order.

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