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Meters per mole


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Q: What is the derived unit for the volume of a room?
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Is volume a base unit or a derived unit?

Volume is a derived unit.

Is cm3 a derived unit?

Yes. There is no SI fundamental unit for volume, so any volume unit is derived.

Is the SI unit of volume derived from the unit of length?

It is indeed. It is derived from the metre. The SI unit of volume is the cubic metre.

Is volume derived or fundamental?

Volume is measured in units derived from the fundamental unit of length.

Whats the derived unit of volume?

A litre is a unit derived as the volume of 1000 cubic centimetres or 1 cubic decametre.

What is the base unit of volume for liquids in SI?

There is no base unit for volume in SI. Units for volume are derived unit.

From what unit is a measure of volume derived?

Liter because it's the base unit of volume

Why is density a derived unit?

Density is a mass of a volume unit. A unit of density is defined as a unit of mass divided by unit of volume. In its turn, a unit of volume is a third degree of a unit of length. Mass and length units are main units. So density is a derived unit as derived from main units.

Mass per unit of volume?

mass per unit of volume is infact NOT density, it is DERIVED!!

What is the base unit to measure volume?

Volume is a derived unit, in the SI system it is the cubic metre.

Is the unit of density derived or fundamental?

derived, because it is defined as the mass per unit volume. Mass and volume are the fundamental quantities. Density is derived from these two fundamental quantities.

How derived units are derived from base units?

units of velocity (derived from unit of length and time), density (derived from unit of mass and volume),force (derived from unit of mass, length and time)

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