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Q: What is the diameter of the ball on the PS move controller?
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Can you use a normal ps3 controller on a PS move game?

Not on a game that was designed for only the move controller

Can a original PS3 use PS move?

Yes as long as it has had the latest software updates any PS3 can use the optional PS Move controller and Playstation Eye Camera

Is Killzone 3 only for PS Move?

No, Killzone 3 can be played using the PS Move motion controller, but it also has full support for DualShock 3 and Sixaxis controllers.

How do you connect a PS3 move controller?

To connect any controller to a PS3 first plug in a USB cable to the controller. Connect this cable to the PS3 you want to connect the controller to. Press the PS button and the controller will connect.

Can you control where you walk on PS3 games that are move compatible?

Yes, you can control where you move. This is done by purchasing a PS Move Navigation Controller. You can also use a normal controller, but it is less compact and is hard to fit in one hand.

What PS move games only require 1 controller?

got any grapes IT IS £1 IN ASDA

What things do you need to play EyePet on PlayStation 3?

You need the Eye Camera and Move controller to play the Move edition of the game. Many people purchase the Move Bundle to get the Eye Camera and Move Controller along with a game.

How much does the PlayStation Move cost?

A PlayStation Move controller cost $59 AUD, a Navigation controller cost $44 AUD, the Starter Kit which includes a PlayStation Eye camera and a PS Move controller cost $89, the Move Shooting attachment cost $28 AUD and the Sharp Shooter attachment cost $76 AUD.

What is the blank button on the PS controller?

Playstation 1 controller?

Is electric ball a good move in Pokemon?

Hell yeah ps. it sucks! :p

How do you make a ps3 move light up?

press middle button (ps) to turn it on. If that doesnt work and maybe you just got the controller you have to calibrate it with your ps3 consol simply just use usb connector cord and hook it up to the buttom of the controller and press home button it might not light up at first if you got a none charged ps move controller from store. So wait maybe 10 min to chage press ps home button on controller while its connected with cord to ps3 into usb slot and it will work :)

On a PlayStation Move controller when does the orb on top change colors?

The orb on the PlayStation Move controller will change colour to differ as much as possible from the background so the PlayStation Eye camera can detect it more easily. It will also change colour when playing a PlayStation Move title using PS Move.