What is the difference between 68 and 56?

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It is: 68-56 = 12
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What is the different between a 67 Camaro and a 68?

the 67 camaro has a triangular side window vent that can be pushed open and 68 and 69 do not have that. http://members.socket.net/~g6007/6868drivers.jpg (68 camaro). http://

What is the Body style difference between 1967-68 firebirds?

The '67 has Front Turn Signals under the headlights, under the grill. The '67 has little front triangle windows for a two-part driver and passenger side window. The '67 has no

What are the differences between a 67 and 68 and 69 VW Beetle?

The only real substantive differences are in the back. The Beetle engine went from 1300cc to 1500cc in 1967. The 1967 also had the new 12v electrical system, dual circuit bra