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What is 22 119 rounded to the nearest hundred?

22,119 rounded off to the nearest hundred is 22,100.

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Mathematical Analysis

What is the integer of 80 degrees Fahrenheit?

80 is an integer. If you are asking for the Celsius equivalent of 80°F, then the answer is 26.555...°C

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Planet Uranus

What is Uranus' temperature?

The temperature would vary depending on where in the atmosphere you measured it.

The upper atmosphere of Uranus is the coldest in the Solar System, with a minimum temperature of 49 K. It has a complex cloud structure with water clouds presumably being the deepest and methane clouds at the top.

  • The minimum temperature is -224 °C (-371 °F, 49 K).
  • At the pressure level equal to Earth's at sea-level (1000 millibars), it is -197 °C (-322 °F, 76 K).
  • Uranus' water-ammonia "ocean" is extremely hot, up to 6650 °C / 12,000 °F near the rocky core (which cannot be directly observed).
The temperature on Uranus is usually very cold, but in the oceans of Uranus it is very hot reaching 8000 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature ever recorded is -224. It is usually around -120

-355 degrees, it rises fast and can also reach 4200 degrees in the ocean and can become 12600 degrees at the core

The temperature of the atmosphere in Uranus is about -355 degrees F (-215 degrees C). In the interior, the temperature rises rapidly, reaching perhaps 4200 degrees F (2300 degrees C) in the ocean and 12,600 degrees F (7000 degrees C) in the rocky core.

Uranus' temperature is -98 Degree Celsius.
The "surface" of Uranus is hard to define, but these are the sorts of temperatures:

Highest, about -216 degrees Celsius.

Lowest, about -224 degrees Celsius.

There's not much difference, as you can see.
There's very little variation in the surface temperature. The average is usually

given as about minus 215 degrees Celsius.

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World Banknotes

How much is a 1000 Ezer Pengo 1945 Budapest paper bill worth in U S currency?


Alternative Medicine
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What is the cancer drug H-86?

H-86 is a code-name used by a group called Health Sciences Institute to refer to a fermented-wheat supplement called Avemar.

While at first it may sound like a quack cure, there is clinical research showing that it helps reduce or contain tumor growth in some cancers. It has been approved in Europe as a nutritional supplement for that purpose.

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Comparative Religions and Denominations

Is Christianity older than the Muslim religion?

Yes, Christianity is older than Islam, if you consider the timing of the Prophet Muhammad. (570 Mecca - June 8, 632 Medina) The Qu'ran which is the book of divine guidance that came to him through Gabriel the archangel about 610AD. At that time the Qu'ran had been recited, every year till his last year when the Angel Gabriel asked him to recite it twice. The original Qu'ran is in Arabic.

In Christianity the first books (Gospels to be written) were in 65-70AD starting with Mark, then Matthew and Luke about AD and last John about 90AD. It is important to note it was not the apostles Mark, Matthew, Luke and John that wrote these gospels. The first Council of Nicea was in 325AD where they discussed Jesus as Son of God and the Trinity. The first books of the bible were chosen at this time. The two main collections were the Palestinian written in Ancient Hebrew and Aramic and the Alexandrian written in Ancient Greek. The original texts are unknown

However.. if you look the meaning of the word..and not as a Label.

Christian one who follows Christ. Muslim one who submits to the will of God. If you look at it this way. being a Muslim is older because the Prophet Abraham submitted to the will of God. So it depends on the term. But since you asked for religion and practice I would say Christian. I am no expert, just love studying it and learning. It is good to question and reason.

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Does silver sink or float?


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Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE
Annamalai University

Accountancy project work class 12?

Accountancy project report should be based on one comprehensive problem and two specific problems.

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What is locomotory organ of amoeba?

The locomotory organs of amoeba are called pseudopodia, which means 'fake feet. ' Amoeba have a fluid shape and they can shift the thickness of their pseudopodia

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How To

How to stop procrastinating?

9 Tips to stop procrastinating

  1. Divide Your work into subworks in such a way that is actionable and you can easily complete.
  2. Assigned Time to every task.In that time try to reach your Gola.
  3. Set Deadlines set specific limit of time If a tast is not completed in that deadline then leave that at tast and take next tast.After completing every job then take this time again.
  4. Get Alll information before starting a work
  5. Reward Yourself on completing a jon or remove reward on failing thte rewaard may be Tea Coffee Etc
  6. Best way to consider something Done is to Begin
  7. Make your intention Public 8)Handle Each file once
  8. get Unpleasant Tast First
Sentence and Word Structure
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Example Sentences

What is a sentence for plentitude?

"There was a plentitude of food at the Thanksgiving feast that night."

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How many 4s in 100?


Microsoft Xbox
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What are the achievements of the UGCC?


Computer Networking
Local Area Network
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What class of address is

Class D

Travel & Places
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Is the o2 in greenwich?

it is located in...

Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

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What are some objectives of holding a meeting?

Brain storming

Idea sharing

decision making


project monitoring and progress check

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What does rescind mean?

Rescind means pull out. Stop doing something.

It means to go back on a decision you have made.
To take back.

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Questions about WikiAnswers and

Why doesn't anyone ever answer my questions?

This might be caused by a lack of information in the question. Many questions on WikiAnswers are not clear and are too vague to be realistically answered. It may help to find online communities and forums on the internet to voice your questions if you think your questions require a greater level of expertise to be satisfied.

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Literature and Language

What is a antonym for create?

Destroy could be one.

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Actors & Actresses

Where can you find pictures of Emilie de Ravin?

The related links below will take you to web sites that have pictures of Emilie de Ravin.

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Which is the only district in India that share its boundary with four states?


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Example Sentences

What is a good sentence for the word wheedle?

Here are a couple I thought up; * She bat her eyes flirtingly at the traffic officer in an effort to wheedle out of being cited for speeding. * The little preschooler was able to wheedle another ice cream from her grandpa simply by pouting and looking sadly at him with her big, brown eyes. * Asking this question here is a great way to wheedle out of coming up with one yourself!

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Alexander the Great

What was AlexanderThe Great's real name?

Alexander the Great's real name was Alexander III of Macedon.

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Celebrity Fan Contact Information

Stephanie Rice's fan mail address?

No fan mail address is known for this celebrity at this time.

The personal address of politicians, celebrities, singers, bands, actors and models are not made available to the general public for privacy and safety concerns.

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Math and Arithmetic

What are primary numbers?

Primary numbers, also known as prime numbers, are numbers that are only divisible by 1 or itself. For instance, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 are primary numbers because dividing any of them by other numbers besides 1 or itself would produce a remainder. Non-primary numbers, such as 4, 6, 8 and 9 are known as composite numbers. They can be divided by multiples and reduced to lowest terms in fractions.


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