The largest city in Washington which was founded in 1851 and incorporated in 1869

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Where is Ursula Eriksson living now?

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AMERICA - To be more precise on such a serious matter as this; according to the author of A Madness Shared by Two - Ursula now lives in the region of Kings County, Washington, Seattle, not D.C.
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Does the space needle have stairs?

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yes. ** If the Needle has stairs the public are certainly not able to use them, Must take elevator to top and pay!
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How much a bus ticket from LA to seattle?

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138, 157, 176 Are the 3 fares if you are leaving today, you still have time. Bus leaves LA at 4:15
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Where can you find licorice toffee in Seattle?

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No one knows but it is said to also be found on Mars...
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Where can you buy surgical hose?

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Often you can buy them at a local medical supply store. Your doctor can prescribe the higher pressure ones. We tried some from a mail order house on the diabetic magazine, but they didn't hold up as well.
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What is the coldest day in Seattle?

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The coldest day ever in Seattle was December 31, 1950. It was 0 °F!
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Can you find out who owns your old car if you know what state it is in?

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Some states' DMVs will provide this information, but only for a certain period of time. It's best to call and ask there instead of here. If you have the full vin, almost any dmv will provide you current ownership of the vehicle because this kind of information falls under the category of Freedom of Information Act
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Can you see the aurora borealis from Seattle WA?

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It is uncommon for the Northern Lights to be visible at lower latitudes. But sometimes there are solar storms strong enough to produce the Northern Lights in places like Seattle Washington.
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How many hours to drive from denver to seattle?

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MapQuest estimates the driving time as 19 hours and 32 minutes.
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What is the capital of Washington state?

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Olympia is the capital city of the U.S. state of Washington.
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How do you get tickets to Seattle Mariners spring training games?

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you can goto , and get tickets for spring training there.
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How long is the drive from Vancouver BC to Seattle WA?

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The drive from Vancouver, BC to Seattle, WA is about 3 hours on the highway with no traffic (and no bad line-ups at the border crossing)
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What is Washington's average temperature?

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Washington has two different temperate zones. Eastern Washington's average temperature is around 80 in the summer and 30 in the winter with only about 14 inches of rain. Western Washington is around 75 summer and 40 winter with about 20 inches of rain.
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How long is a flight from Seattle to London?

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Seattle/Tacoma, WA (SEA) to London (LON) Shortest Flight Duration 9 hours 0 mins
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How many miles between Seattle and Portland Oregon?

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It is 172.88 miles according to MapQuest.
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How many miles from Seattle to Medford Oregon?

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It is 446 miles according to Google Maps.
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How old do you have to be to move out of your parents' house in Massachusetts?

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I think that you should be able to move out from the age 14 or 15 but not have a house on your own for safety reasons! however you should be able to move in with family or friends or connexions should build some flat for teens but have a reception open 24 hours for safety!1 or 2 bedrooms and your only allowed 2 or 3 friends to stop with you,i think this woulld incourige for teens to feel they have responsibilities and keep them out of trouble,we would be able to see what live is really like and fend for our selfs!!!
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How long does it take to drive from Regina to Seattle?

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The distance of 1,046 miles takes approximately 18 hours of driving time.
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What is the standard abbreviation for Wisconsin?

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The standard two letter abbreviation for the state of Wisconsin is WI. Also, you need to put WI on any letter to Wisconsin or from Wisconsin.
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How much will it snow in Seattle this winter?

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It's always tough to say a season in advance, but given some of the likely phases of some of the dominant weather patterns that influence the area, such as La Nina, I'd say Seattle has a good chance of seeing above average snowfall this year.
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How long does it take to mail a letter from Seattle to Boston?

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First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days. It is true of course that it only requires an instant to actually mail the letter, the act of transprtation, sorting and delivery can only begin after it has been placed into the hands of the USPS.