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  1. Thread angle is different (55° vs 60°).
  2. NPT threads are flattened at the peaks and valleys, while BSPT threads are rounded.
  3. Threads per inch (TPI) is different for two (except for a couple of cases).
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Q: What is the difference between BSPT and NPT?
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What is the difference between pipe threads and bolt threads?

NPT = pipe Briggs standard = Pipe NFT and NFC and ASAE = bolt

What is NPT X NPT?

NPT x NPT= (NPT)2 or N2P2T2

What is the difference between SAE and NPT?

NPT is a standard for threaded pipe and fittings. NPT stands for national pipe thread. NPT fittings are tapered thread fitting and usually rely on mechanical deformation in between the male and female fittings to create a seal in addition with teflon tape. Over tighteting may result in a leakage SAE O-ring fittings are straight fittings and rely on the O-ring to create the seal rather than deformation as in NPT fittings. Since these fittings do not depend on deformation chances of a broken fitting are virtually eliminated.

What is the fulform of BSPT?

British standard pipe thread

What is full form of NPT?

Full form of NPT is "National Pipe Thread"

Are NPT pipe threads compatible with NPSM threads?

No, NPT threads are not compatible with NPSM threads. A pipe with NPT threads tapers slightly, while an NPSM-threaded pipe does not taper.

What a npt valve is in a water tank pressure system?

npt, national pipe thread, is a standard for threads on a screw. I (not a plumber) don't believe "npt valve" makes sense , but probably refers to a valve which has npt threading. Yes, a NPT Valve would be a valve with pipe threads as opposed to a sweat valve which has solder connections. There are several other type of piping connections too.

Does North Korea hold the record of breaking the NPT?

North Korea is the only country to formally withdraw from the NPT.

How much difference is there between the standard time of Nepal's and Bangladesh?

Nepal (UTC+5:45) is 15 minutes behind Bangladesh (UTC+6).When it's 5:45 PM NPT in Nepal, it's 6 PM BdST in Bangladesh.

Did China signed the NPT?


Has Iran signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty?

Yes they are. Iran signed the NPT July 1st, 1968. It was ratified, and Iran has not withdrawn from the NPT.

What is the difference between British Standard Time and Nepal standard time?

The standard time, or "winter time", in Great Britain is Greenwich Mean Time. Nepal is 5:45 ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (12 noon GMT = 5:45 PM NPT).