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What is the difference between DVD plus R and DVD-R?

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There are two competing formats for DVD's + and - format. Your question doesn't mention the + so they are the same format - or the lack of + means -. DVD + is technically a newer format but that doesn't make it any better than the -. You need to determine what your computer's drive burns and also what your DVD player plays. Some computer drives burn both formats. The R stands for Writeable meaning you can burn information or a movie only once. Most newer DVD players can play any format but some cannot. Check the manual or just use trial and error. As a word of advice don't buy a 100 pack of DVD's without first testing your system to make sure they are compatible. Buy a single CD or a smaller pack until you have verified all is well with your system.

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What is the difference between dvdr and DVD?

The difference is the disk, dvdr has a slightly smaller disk, to most you wont even be able to see it, the fact of using dvd disc's means that youll be able to have the bigger disc's meaning better memory as it has more space to hold more!

What is the difference between DVDR and DVDRW?

A DVD-R is a DVD that is writable only once, but a DVD-RW is one that you can write to multiple times, with each rewrite the size decreasing somewhat.

What is the fastest DVDR?

Primera TuffCoat Plus 16x DVD-R Media is very fast.

What is the difference between DVD plus r and DVD plus rw?

rightable and rewightable

What is the difference between DVD plus r to DVD-r?

There is no difference - they both mean DVD recordable

What is the difference between DVD- and DVD plus?

In terms of storage capacity, DVD+ and DVD- are identical. However, DVD+ and DVD- have slightly different coding formats.

What is the difference between DVD-R and DVD plus R?

DVD-R is where you burn something onto and you can't change it after but DVD+R is where you can make a change if you want to, after you've burnt it.

Can a DVD-R be written to and rewritten?

no, you can only write to a dvdr once. A dvdrw can be rewritten on

What is the difference between a DVD and CD?

Their is no difference

Desribe the difference between DVD-r and DVD-ram?

The difference between the DVD-R and DVD-Ram is that, DVD-R does Writing and Reading of information and DVD-Ram does Reading only.

What is the difference between DVD plus rw and DVD-rw?

DVD plus RW has been developed by Sony, Dell, HP, Philips, and Mcft. The DVD minus RW standard was developed by Pioneer and is used by Apple as well. DVD minus RW can have one layer of data written to them, while DVD plus RW can have multiple layers of data written to them.

What is the difference between DVD r and DVD ram?

they are the same

What is the difference between DVD plus r and DVD-r discs?

The difference is related to how they store the data. To really learn the differences you'll need a degree in computer sciences. Some DVD players may accept DVD+R but not the DVD-R and vice-versa. But computers can accept them both.

Is the tv movie the other lover with Lindsey Wagner on DVD or vhs?

it is available on dvdr only with no artwork which is what i want.

Can you burn music on a dvdr to play on a CD player?

No, a CD player's laser reader can't read a DVD.

What is the difference between DVD plus r and DVD rw?

A DVD+R can only be recorded once. A DVD+RW can be recorded on multiple times until the disk is full. You add data to a DVD+RW, but you can't remove previously recorded data.

What is the difference between sata DVD writer and pata DVD writer?

I think there have some difference of no. Pins..

What kind of DVD do you need to burn videos?

Dvd-r or DVD+r are the most common types of dvds you can use to burn your own videos onto, you can also use a dvdrw which is a rewritable DVD, a dvdr usually says it can hold 4.7gbs of data, but in reallity it only holds just about 4.5gbs after formatting, most ripping software will also rip a dual layer DVD to a compressed rate of about 4.36gbs, so as to accommodate for the finished files to be able to fit on a dvdr, the best dvdr for me is a DVD-r, minus r dvds burn and work better in standalone DVD players as well as in computers, and most DVD burners these days are fully compatible with them, so your best bet is to get yourself some DVD-r's and start the burning, have fun.

What is the difference between DVD audio and DVD video?

dvd audio, is no picture just the sound...dvd video, is picture

Difference between write on rewritable DVD and non rewritable DVD?

Simple. The answer is cheese.

What is the difference between a DVD and a data DVD?

In short, Data DVD only can be played in computer, and DVD can be played on both DVD play and computer.

Difference between hard disk and DVD?

what is sex

Describe the difference between DVD-r and DVD-ram?

ram holds more

Is there a visual difference between an import and an original DVD?

i believe import is fuzzier than the original DVD

What is the difference between a dvd player and a optical dvd player?

The difference between optical and non optical is the way the drive in the DVD reads the disk. Optical is a better and more higher quality reader. So the picture is much better.

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