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The software industry is responsible for the development of software utilizing the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). See ( more information on that. The primary jobs are business analysts, developers, database analysts, and quality assurance engineers. Those roles play a vital role in the development and release of software.

The IT industry is broader, unlike the software industry which focuses on the programming and creation of software. The IT industry covers a wide range of tasks however the primary objective is to utilize computers in the act of managing and manipulating data.


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The IT (Information Technology) Industry is the umbrella industry under which software falls. Software would be considered part of the IT industry, along with other fields such as Hardware and Database, for example. IT industry related software development

If both cover the same subject, there is no difference. In the software industry, the terms are interchangeable.

what is the difference between custom software and off-the-shelf software

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The difference between package and custom software is that custom software is not brought off the shelf and package software is brought off the shelf.

The IT industry is the collection of all IT companies.

An industry is a type of business in the economy while a firm is a unit or entity carrying a portion of the business in an economy.

Hardware is hard and Software is soft

The reality is there is no difference between these titles. Employers use them interchangeably. Theoretically, the difference is this: software engineers apply computer science and mathematical principles to design and develop software. Software developers simply develop software, i.e. carry out programming tasks.

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there are several difference between computer hardware and software .fundamental difference between hardware(keyboard,printer) is a physical device and software is instructions that given to the computer(window 2000,microsoft office )etc

there is no such thing is a software system and system software is operational program

There is no difference. The term software is only used in reference to computer software.

The main difference between freeware software and commercial software is that one is free to use by anyone. The other, the commercial software, requires a license and usually costs money to use.

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