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What is the difference between LimeWire and Ares?

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They both do the same job, which is downloading media in general , but i think ares is way better , you get more search results and download faster , and its very light on you're computer.

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What is a LimeWire alternative?


Is Ares the same as LimeWire?


Is there a website thats similar to LimeWire?


Is Ares just like LimeWire useful?


What other program is like LimeWire?

Theres also Ares and Bearshare

What website can you use to download free muisc?


A list of illegal sites?

limewireisohuntThe pirate bayares ultraEDIT: These sites are not illegal

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Why would you not be able to log on to LimeWire anymore?

I used Limewire for awhile, until it started crashing my system. I find that Ares is a better program and has never glitched.

My LimeWire isn't working?

Try using Limewire Pro , that might help , if not try using a different P2P program such as Emule, Bearshare, and Ares.Hope this helps :D

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Where can you get demolition's theme song?

Do a search on Limewire or Ares Ultra or Morpheus- all good. You can find them on Google.

What is the difference between LimeWire and frostwire?

I don't see much difference at all. But, to let you know Limewire screwed up my freind's computer, and I haven't had any problems with Frostwire. No, frostwire screwed up my computer and its impossibe to delete!!! It depends on the version of Limewire that you compare to frostwire. Frostwire has many features of Limewire Pro such as full time turbo charged downloads. Limewire has two versions the free version and the paid version with additional features while Frostwire only has a free version. Frostwire has a chat feature which both versions of Limewire lack but Limewire has an instant messenger.

Where can you download Ares?

Download AresDownload the official Ares for free at and click the download botton :D most downloading programs have a free version and a plus version (the "not free" version) including LimeWire and others. Hope it helps!

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How do you get music off the internet onto Ares?

I downloaded Limewire and itunes to my computer...Then i Dragged what music I wanted to the mediaplayer back and forth

What is the relationship between Ares and Demeter?

Ares is the nephew of Demeter. Demeter's siblings are Zeus and Hera, the father and mother of Ares.

Is there any other p2p programs like lime-wire?

there are many programs like limewire like for example ares. the closest one to limewire in my opinion is frostwire. frostwire is free, its turbo charged, its pretty quick, and it uses a similar type sofware as the old limewire. that makes it pretty easy to use.

From where you can get the Hannah Montana songs?

You can search to download them online from various sites, you can purchase them from iTunes, Or you can download programs such as Limewire, Ares, etc, and download the songs.

What website lets you download free music?

limewire Lime wire infects your computer I recommend Ares there is a specific website and it is free

What are some music download websites?

Well im no expert ahaa but..i have found some (: limewire frostwire bearshare ares Youu can use google to search them xx

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