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Remy hair is 100% human hair. In Remy Hair extensions, the cuticles are aligned in the same direction and so the hair does not tangle easily. All of the hair in weave must come from one donor.

Non-Remy hair is also 100% human hair, but in this case, the hair is collected in piles and as a result the cuticles are all misaligned. This hair is easily tangled and without proper maintenance, it can give a shabby look.

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With proper care and maintenance, Remy hair can last over six months. Processed from a100 % human hair, they are colored and made voluminous to fulfill the needs of volume lovers. As one of the best hair extensions, Remy hair can be styled and manipulated in different ways.Here are some of the advantages of Remy Hair Extensions• Remy hair extensions are cost-effective: you can purchase Remy hair at an affordable rate.• They are long-lasting compared to synthetic hair extensions.• You can color Remy hair extensions with any hue.• Remy extensions are much thicker than virgin extensions• There are varieties of color in Remy hair

a remi or remy hair weave is the best hair you can get. there is Chinese remy Indian remy virgin remy and just normal remy hair to me the best one is virgin Indian remy hair its soft and hasn't EVER been processed. In hair terms, Remy means that the hair was sewn on the tracks in the same direction it grew out of the donor's scalp. this is an advantage because it prevents tangling. Remy hair can be processed or remy hair is unprocessed remy hair(it has not been dyed or chemically altered)

Remy hair extensions are made from superior quality human hair, this means they look more like your own hair and more natural. Remy hair extensions are usually processed in such a way that protects the cuticle layer of the hair. Remy extensions are also less likely to tangle and frizz. The whole idea behind having higher quality remy extensions is to enhance your own hair, not damage it.

It is premium quality hair from India that is used mostly for hair extensions. In Remy hair, the cuticles on all the strands of hair are aligned in the same direction. This reduces friction between the strands thus reducing the tangling in the hair. Remy hair appears more healthy, soft and silky. To test this, slide your fingers on the hair from the root of the hair to the tip. It must glide smoothly between your fingers. However, if you try sliding from the tip to the root, you'll feel a lot of friction. This also happens with natural human hair. This is because, the cuticle layers are aligned and hence can slide smoothly.

Indian referers to the donor; the hair came off an Indian woman.Remy hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact & not stripped, like in most other non-remy hair extensions.Yaki hair refers to the texture resembling relaxed Afro-American/Caribbean hair.

Cuticles are a flaky porous layer on the hair. On Remy Hair, the cuticles are all aligned in the same direction. This essentially means that the hair is collected form a single donor. The advantage of remy hair is that they don't tangle easily and hence look much better. For Non-Remy hair, human hair is collected in piles cheaply and then sorted to create extensions. The direction of cuticles are mixed up. This makes the hair tangle easily and is difficult to maintain.

Yes, Remy hair is high-quality hair; it's soft and shiny.

If you do not have hair the best thing that you can do is to wear a wig. Wigs made from indian remy human hair can be natural and attractive.

Yes. Remy hair is human hair where the cuticles on the hair are all aligned in one direction. So it gives the best look and tangles less. Remy hair is genrally treated to change texture to straight, curly or wavy. It is also dyed to permanently change the color of the hair depending on market demands. So there is no reason why white girls, or any other ethnicity for that matter, should not use remy hair extensions.

Remy hair extensions rank in the top two after virgin hair extensions. They are very similar as they are made from real human hair. However, Remy hair is dyed and pre-styled so they have a few disadvantages for users.Here are some of the disadvantages of Remy Hair Extensions• Remy hair is dyed and styled so they are less natural compared to virgin hair extensions.• They only last for around six months while virgin extensions last for a year.• Maintenance is higher than virgin extensions.• It looks less natural than virgin hair extensions.

Yes, as long as the hair is 100% human hair [remy hair or virgin hair].

Certainly, you can! Remy hair is 100 % human hair and it is processed naturally. No chemicals are used when it is processed in factories. Styling a Remy hair extension is just like creating different styles on your natural hair. You can use any styling tools on your Remy extensions: curling tools, blow dryer and flat iron, etc. Apply a heat guard to your extensions and you are good to style it. Styling without using any heat guard may result in damage and a short life span.

where to buy hair extensions?what is indian <a href="" title=" remy hair extensions ">remy hair extensions</a>

Some extensions are colored and bleached while Remy hair comes in its pure natural form. It gives a seamless unnoticeable look on your natural hair with added volume and length. Natural texture lovers choose Remy hair for its purity and natural look. However, you can color your Remy extensions if you want a unique look to spice up your hairstyle fashion. Remy hair can be highlighted and darkened with any color you want.

Remy Grade A is a human brand of hair weave that is available in a wavy pattern. This hair is 100% human and can be worn wavy or it can be flat ironed.

Ladies love their hair extensions. However, making that critical decision on what type of hair to buy on can be difficult. Most people who wear hair extensions are familiar with Brazilian, Peruvian, and Indian hair. There are varying opinions on which is best. So, what is the difference between Brazilian, Indian, and Peruvian hair?There is actually no such thing as Brazilian or Peruvian hair. All hair comes from India and Southeast Asia. Most Remy human hair is sourced directly from temples where devotees shave their heads as a sign of deference, humility, and devotion. Shaving ones’ head is an act of humility by forsaking beauty and vanity, which is understood to be ego. The hair is then packed and prepared for auction.

They are the same product. Their may have been a label change, but the juice inside is the same. >> Don't think so. The Remy Martin VS Cognac is not 100% grand cru

Yes! Virgin Remy hair is the highest quality of hair extensions you can get. Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed and is not colored or texturally changed. For e.g. if the hair was Black and wavy when it was collected, it is sold Black and wavy on the market. Other hair types may undergo processes like relaxing and curling to alter the texture of the hair. Virgin hair kind of hair is collected from a single donor and except for a washing and drying, they are completely unprocessed.

Well it depends...I prefer remy hair it last longer.

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I think Remy hair is the longest lasting hair!

Some Indian people do not eat protein, therefore, their hair is weak leading to frizzy hair that is unmanageable. To avoid that, the hair is processed to remove the frizz.

it depneds on what you think is good

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