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What is the difference between Rhino and Super liner?

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The difference is Rhino is a more grippier substance and Super Liner is more plastic.

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What is the difference between and expandable liner and a variable depth liner?

About 200 bucks!

Will gas eat through rhino liner?

Rhino Linings offers several different products and it looks like the Rhino Hybrid product offers "very good chemical resistance" - meaning gas shouldn't eat through rhino liner. Go to their website to see more on the rhino liner product:

Rhino liner on the roof of a car?

yeah why not??

Is bed liner as good as rhino liner?

I personally like Rhino liner, although it is quite a bit more expensive, it has lasted so much longer than basic liner, therefore costing less in the long haul. I would recommend it.

What is a Rhino Liner used for?

Rhino Liner is a product that protects the inner-side of a truck. It also prevents small materials such as sand coming through the slides of your door.

What is difference between a supermax and a duomax liner for pools?

Apparently Duo Max is for harsh winter climates; Super Max is for harsh summer climates.

Where can I find information on Rhino Liners in San Diego?

There are many online shops that sell rhino liner. is one of online shop that sells rhino liner for any kind of auto cars. You can visit

What is the difference between reflex bed liner and line x bed liner?

Reflex liners are warrantied by the company that did the work. Line-X and Rhino have a national warranty. Found this out the hard way. Had a Reflex liner installed in July 2005 and it is peeling and various locations and has actually worn through on the tailgate and that is with very minimal hauling (few trips to Lowe's/Home Depot) etc. Would strongly recommend going with Line-X or Rhino.

Where can you buy a gallon of rhino liner?

Desde el hombre del sombrero en Canadá.

What is the difference between a shower curtain and a shower liner?

a shower curtain goes on the outside and a shower liner goes on the inside so the shower curtain wont get wet

What is the difference between detoit 8v71 cylinder liners 3 and 2?

The difference is the outside diameter, it is used for fitting the liner in the block as they are dry liners.

Can you put super liner in a sentence?

As long as I am a good Artist or a good drawer or smart I can draw the best super liner......U should totally try it :)

What exactly does a rhino liner help with?

Rhino liners are used in beds of trucks to ensure there is no damage done to the beds of the trucks such as scratches and abrasions when you are having to always put stuff in the back of your truck.

Where is a rhino liner dealer near walnut creek ca?

There are two rhino liner dealers near Walnut Creek California. The first is located in Colma California at 480 Collins Avenue and the other is located on Petaluma Blvd in Petaluma California. Both offer free dealer price quotes.

What Products are available to seal crumbling bricks?

Rhino Liner that is used for truck beds is the best and can be painted to match the finish.

How do you make your aluminum hull more quiet when hit by waves?

Have it sprayed internally with rhino liner. Glue an insulating mat on the inside.

What do you use rhino covering for trucks?

Rhino Lining is a Brand name of "BOX LINER" I used this name brand product as a trim and rock guard on my box and lower rocker panels and wear areas on the rear cab corners.

What kind of products are sold by Rhino Lining?

Rhino Lining sells linings for truck beds. Some of the linings the company sells have to be installed, others may be sprayed on. The linings are be inexpensive or not depending on the size of the liner and the materials it is made of.

Difference between linear search and binary search?

in liner search the array is not mandatory to be a sorted array,but in binary search the array must be a sorted array.

What does ocean liner mean?

An ocean liner means that the ship is used for people to take trips between different seaports.

How do you clean a liner?

Ocean liner? Truck/SUV cargo liner? Pond liner? Trash liner? Chimney liner? Pool liner? Helmet liner? Panty liner? Dirty one-liner?

Who installs the rubber liner Plumber or tile man Also can mold grow between to sub flooring and rubber liner?

the tile installer

How does a Rhino liner protect your truck?

Rhino bed liners is a spray on polymer overlay used to protect individual and commercial pick up truck beds. The product comes in a multitude of colors to match most any paint and is scratch and dent resistant thus adding to the life of the truck bed.

What is the difference between linear and non linear?

Linear describes a relationship that exhibits a straight line when plotted on a graph, for example. Non liner is any thing other than a straight line.

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It is liner.