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is there a difference between saigon cinnamon and regular cinnamon

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Q: What is the difference between Saigon cinnamon and regular cinnamon?
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What is saigon cinnamon?

Cinnammon from Saigon

What is different time between calgary and saigon?

There is a -13 hour time difference between Saigon and Calgary. So, if it is midnight in Calgary, it is 1:00 PM the next day in Saigon.

Is saigon cinnamon hotter than cinnamon?

Saigon cinnamon is actually cassia bark and has a much higher oil content than it's cousin by marriage, true cinnamon. All cassia will be hotter that the more delicate and fruitier true cinnamon, with Vietnamese cassia most often being the hottest.

What are the different types of cinnamon?

Confusing question, requiring more precision of language:Different preparations of cinnamon:stickgroundoilextractDifferent varieties of cinnamon:Cinnamomum verum - thought of as "True cinnamon," also called Sri Lanka cinnamon or Ceylon cinnamon.Cinnamomum burmannii Padang Cassia, Indonesian cinnamon, or Korintje.Cinnamomum loureiroi - Vietnamese Cassia or Vietnamese cinnamon, or Saigon cinnamon.Cinnamomum cassia - Chinese cinnamon or Cassia.Both preparation and variety can mean type.

Flight time from Singapore to Saigon?

Between 4 to 6 hours.

What is more populated Hanoi or Saigon?


How tall is Saigon?

Saigon is 5' 7".

What nicknames does Saigon go by?

Saigon goes by The Yardfather.

What is the Vietnam movie that ends with the evacuation of saigon?

Miss Saigon

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Saigon Bridge was created in 1961.

When did Siege of Saigon happen?

Siege of Saigon happened in 1861.

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When was Citadel of Saigon created?

Citadel of Saigon was created in 1790.

What is the distance between Anchorage Arkansas and Saigon Vietnam?

As measured on Google Earth (10/15/08): The distance between Anchorage, Alaska and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (the name of Saigon today) is 6003 +/- miles.

Where is saigon located?

Saigon no longer exists. In 1975 it was renamed to Ho Chi Minh City. Saigon was located in Vietnam.

Why it is entitled miss saigon?

Taking place in Saigon; Saigon was referred to as the "Paris of the Orient" (Paris of the East) during the war.

What is the population of Saigon?

Saigon has around 7.1 million people in 2009

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