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What is the difference between Santa Claus and Father Christmas?


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Santa, Father Christmas, and other namesThere is a slight difference between Santa Claus and Father Christmas, they are exactly the same just with a different name and , they have different Oregon's. Different countries use different names for Santa or Father Christmas, for example in Germany, Santa Claus is known as Kris Kringle.

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Pere Noel is the french way of saying "Father Christmas" Father Christmas and Santa Claus are the same person.

that Santa is not the same as father Christmas because Santa comes to you house to have cookies and milk

Both Santa Claus and Father Christmas. Father Christmas is more common.

Santa Claus or Father Christmas.

In Cameroon there are lots of names for Santa Claus: Sinterklaas, Father Christmas, Santa Claus, and Le Père Noël which mean "Father Christmas" in French.

Father Christmas or Santa Claus

Santa Claus, or Father Christmas.

Santa Claus, Father Christmas etc.

Father Christmas is one of the many alternative names for Santa Claus.

Yes, he is Christmas Father or just plain old Santa Claus, in Pakistan he is Christmas Baba.

Santa Claus of course :)

Santa Claus or Father Christmas.

Yes. Father Christmas is a name for Santa Claus that is commonly used in Britain. Another name would be St Nicholaus.

Santa Claus is Pai Natal, Pai means father and Natal means Christmas so it's something like "Christmas Father"

Father Christmas, also known as Santa Claus Santa Claus is an imaginary being who brings presents to children at Christmas. He lives in the North Pole.

These are the main ones. Santa Claus Santa Father Christmas

Yes. They call him Santa Claus or Father Christmas.

Santa Claus is Father Christmas he distributes the presents and is the one that puts the thought into Christmas. Jesus is the one that puts the religious thoughts in Christmas

First of all (Just in case you don't know) Santa Claus and Father Christmas are both the same thing and also i don't know who they are but i can tell you that hindus do celebrate christmas.

The name Father Christmas is given to a person who is associated with Christmas in Great Britain. It is the same as Santa Claus in the US.

Father Christmas. Santa Claus.

Some Australians call him Father Christmas.Others call him Santa Claus.

Santa Claus is called Pai Natal which literally mean Father Christmas.

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