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Scottish vs. IrishIreland and Scotland are two separate and distinct geographical regions with different historical and cultural backgrounds, and with separate governments.

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  • Scottish people come from Scotland, and Irish people come from Ireland.
  • Religion is a major difference: most Scots are Presbyterians; most Irish are Catholics. The Catholic minority in Scotland is largely Irish in origin. The Presbyterians of Northern Ireland are mostly Scottish in origin. The reason there are so many Presbyterians in Scotland is because of the 1707 act of Union,The Cromwell Invasion, and forced conversion of Scottish Catholics by the covenanters.
  • Scotland and Ireland share a common culture. Many Scottish and Irish share common surnames. A good deal of these begin with Mc or O.
  • The languages are different, although they share some common roots. An example is the word cuan. In Irish it means harbor, but in Scottish it means ocean.
  • Scottish Gaelic is spoken mainly in the northern regions of Ireland, were as Irish Gaelic is spoken mainly in the western regions.
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Q: What is the difference between Scottish and Irish?
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