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What is the difference between a 50cc and 150cc moped?


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Which is faster and how much faster ,50 cc or 150 cc

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yes, you need a license to operate any type of moped. But i think it would be a waste to get a moped lower than 50cc. i actually prefer 150cc becase it is not to much bigger and it goes 65mph instead of 35 for the 50cc.

my 50cc moped can get up some pretty big hills, unless the carb needs cleaned or i need a new belt

yes. anything over 50cc is considered a motorcycle in the state of maryland.sometimes you can get away with riding a 70cc moped but i dont suggest doing so.i ride mopeds and scooters.all 50cc. if you ride a moped you will need a drivers license,a learners permit or a moped license. but yes you need a motorcycle license for anything over 50cc.

Mopeds and scooters are two different things entirely.A two-stroke 150cc moped would have awesome acceleration and would be able to pop wheelies at almost any speed. These things don't exist. To be a moped I think the vehicle has to be 50cc or less.The four-stroke, more pedestrian scooters (like the 150cc gy6) have a maximum speed, out of the box, between 50-60 MPH.

It depends on how many "cc" it has. If the moped if under 50cc than yes it's legal, but if the moped is over 50cc than no, is's illegal.

WHere can I find out how to put a moped enginge and all on a 50 cc moped?

Win the following: Get the following: 50cc leaf cup 50cc lightning cup 100cc " " 100cc " " 150cc " " 150cc " "

You have to win the Flower Cup on 50cc, 100cc, or 150cc. (If you beat Flower Cup on 50cc, it will not appear on 100cc or 150cc, etc.)

Just beat 50cc,100cc,150cc and 150cc MIRROR for R.O.B.

Just beat 50cc,100cc,150cc and 150cc MIRROR for R.O.B.

You cant there is 50cc 100cc 150cc and 150cc mirror mode in DS

terminal velocity on a 50cc moped would be approximately 120mph.(if flung from an airplane) average ground speed of 50cc moped under its own power would be about 14mph

For a 50cc moped you have to be 16 but dont have to have a drivers licence.

de restrictor for a hustian 50cc de restrictor for a hustian 50cc

yes and not only 150cc but for 50cc as well, and insurance.

my 50 cc moped can go 30-35 at top speed

You need a motorcycle license for a moped over 50ccs. You need a moped license for under 50cc.

It cost me about £100 a year

get a trophy in every cup in 50cc,100cc and 150cc.

by federal regulation a moped is 50cc or less. in my state you can drive any size moped with a regular vehicle permit

Yes even 50cc or under moped requires a valid DL. 14 year olds can get an M2 permit and drive a 50cc or under moped, but all operators still need a valid license.

50cc or more, otherwise it is a moped

u can ride a 50cc bike or a moped at the age of 16 yrs in india....but u cant ride a bike above 50cc if ur not 18 yrs ....

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