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A Marine in a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, the USMC is a branch of the militray and members of the USMC are in the military.

"a merchant marine" would be the private maritime industry of any nation, if you meant a merchant mariner, then that would be a civilian employed on a private ship.

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Q: What is the difference between a Marine and a Merchant Marine?
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What different between naval academy and merchant marine academy?

The US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, trains naval officers; the Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY, trains officers of the Merchant Marine.

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Can a other than honorable discharge from the military stop you from becoming a merchant seaman?

Not necessarily in the commercial merchant fleet, but for the Merchant Marine, yes. The U.S. Merchant Marine is actually a branch of the Armed Forces.

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I believe the difference is that a marine is part if the USMC, and a maritime is part of the USM.

When was Merchant Marine Defense Bar created?

Merchant Marine Defense Bar was created on 1944-08-24.

When was Philippine Merchant Marine Academy created?

Philippine Merchant Marine Academy was created on 1820-04-05.

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