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Q: What is the difference between a U1 and U1L battery?
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Two billiard balls of equal mass undergo a perfectly elastic head collision. What will be their speeds after the collision.?

The velocities of the two bodies after the elastic collisions are given by V1=(M1-M2)U1/(M1+M2)+2M2U2/(M1+M2) V2=(M2-M1)U2/(M1+M2)+2U1M1/(M1+M2) Where, V1,V2 are the velocities of the two bodies after collision. U1,U2 are the velocities of the two bodies before colision.(U1>U2) M1,M2 are the masses of the two bodies. when the mass of two bodies are equal that is M1= M2 then V1=0+2MU2/2M=U2 V2=0+2MU1/2M=U1 Thus when two billiard balls of equal masses undergo perfectly elastic collision the velocities the two bodies are interchanged after the collision.

How do you calculate total initial momentum of the two car system with uncertainty?

The initial momentum is M1U1 + M2U2 where M1 and M2 are the masses of the two cars (in kilograms), and U1 and U2 are their velocities (in metres per second).

Define law of conservation of momentum?

Total momentum in an isolated system does not change.the law of physics that states that the linear momentum does not change unless an external force acts upon itThe law of conservation of momentum explains that momentum is neither lost or gained."when two bodies collide with one another, the total energy remains constant"I COULDN'T SAY IT BETTER!That means that the total amount of momentum doesn't change. This is relevant, for example, in a collision or Newton's Cradle. (5 balls hanging on a string, when you move one to hit the other balls, there is a reaction.)"In closed system,when two bodies colloid,the total momentum before collision is equal to the total momentum after collision".A B. A. B. A. B->. ->. -> ->. ->. ->⊙ ⊙ ⊙⊙ ⊙ ⊙Consider two bodies A and B of masses m1 and m2 moving with velocities u1 and u2 respectively along the same direction.let the bodies colloid for 't' secs.During the collision A exerts a force F1 on B ans B exerts an equal and opposite force F2 on A. After collision A Moves with a velocity V2.Applying newtons second law motion ,the force exerted by the boo body B is:F1=mass of B (acceleration of B)(v2-u2)F1=m2(----------).......1tSimilarly force exerted by the body B on A is:F1= mass of A (acceleration of A)(V1-u1)F2= m1(-----------) . ........2TWhat is neat about momentum is that even if the collision is not elastic, so that kinetic energy is lost to heat, etc., the momentum is yet preserved!

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What is the difference between group size u1r and u1?

U1 and U1R are in the same battery group size. The "R" indicates that the positive lead Is on the RIGHT side of the battery. This is assuming that you're facing the front of the battery, with the terminals closest to you.

What does u1-7 lawn tractor battery stand for?

U-1 is the type/size battery your lawn tractor uses. When you replace the battery you would go to a place that sells automotive type batteries like NAPA, Walmart, Sears etc. and shop for a U-1 battery. The only difference in any battery of the same size is the amperage they are rated at. Different amp ratings do not change the overall size of the battery. There are two variations of the U1. The location of the positive/negative terminals are opposite on a U1-R(reversed). So you have the U1 and the U1R. I believe you may have read the battery wrong and you were looking at a U1-R rather than U1-7.

What is the difference between a Yamaha U1 and U3 upright piano?

The Yamaha U3 is slightly larger than the Yamaha U1, this is the most significant difference. The larger size of the U3 results in longer strings and consequently to a richer and warmer sound.

What size battery is on a john deere l110 lawn tractor?

Battery is 12 volt, U1 group

What is the difference between Satio and Sation U1 and Satio idou?

btha btho ba tyaaa h ko ko

Is a energizer u1-300n battery 12 volt or 6 volt?

Definately 12 volt.

Is the Energizer Lawn and Garden U1 300N battery a 6 volt or 12 volt?

Positive 12 volt

Soukoban level 26?

U3 l2 d1 r1 u1 l3 d1 l1 d3 r4 u1 r1 u2 r1 u1 l2 d1 r1 d2 l1 d1 l4 u3 r4 u1 r1 d1 l3 u1 r2 d1 l4 d1 l2 u1 r6 l4 d3 l1 u1 d1 r3 u1 l1 d1 l3 u3 r2 d2 r2 d1 r2 u1 l4 u2 l2 d2 r1 l1 u1 r1

How do you past level 14 on B-Cubed?

D1, l2,u1,r1,u1,r3,d1,r1,d3,l1,u2,l1,u1,d3,l1,u1,l1.

The solution to level 26 on Soukoban?

U3 L2 D1 R1 U1 L3 D1 L1 D3 L1 U1 D1 R3 U1 L2 D1 R4 U1 R1 U2 R1 U1 L2 R1 D3 L1 D1 L4 U3 R4 U1 R1 D1 L3 U1 R2 L3 D1 L1 D3 L2 U3 R6 L6 D1 R1 D1 L1 D1 R1 U1 R3 D1 R2 U1 L3 xauyala

How do you defeat level 35 of Soukoban?

Level 35: D1 L1 D1 L1 R1 U2 L1 D1 R1 D2 L1 D1 L4 U2 R2 U1 R2 U1 R1 D1 L3 D1 L2 D2 R4 U2 D2 L4 U2 R2 U1 R2 L2 U1 L2 D1 U1 R2 D1 R2 D3 L3 U1 D1 R1 U1 D1 R2 U1 R2 D1 L2 U4 R2 D1 L1 U1 L1 D1 L2 U1 L2 D1 R2

What is the solution for Level 90 on Soukoban?

L1 U1 L2 D2 R1 D2 L1 U1 L5 R1 D2 L1 U1 L2 D1 R1 D3 L1 D2 R1 U1 R4 D2 U1 R2 D1 R2 U1 L1 U1 R5 D1 R1 U9 D8 L6 U2 L1 U3 R1 U3 L2 D2 L3 D1 L2 D4 L1 D2 R1 U1 R4 D1 R3 D1 R1 U1 L1 U1 R5 D1 R1 >>> Just like this set them one by one in the correct sequence. xauyala