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The difference is the USB part. Some Flash Drives are USB, some are PS2 Port capable, the word Flash Drive is a rounded name for any Drive capable of information being put on it. The USB Flash Drive simply states that this is a flash drive that connects with a USB connector.

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Q: What is the difference between a USB Flash Drive and a Flash Drive?
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What is the difference between a USB Flash drive and a pen drive?

There is no difference. Flash drive, pen drive, and thumb drive are all interchangeable terms.

Difference between pen drive and a usb flash drive?

only the name is different

What is the difference between a flash drive and a USB flash drive?

They both mean the same. Actually a flash drive also called as a pen drive is an USB device ( Universal serial bus). This is called so because, the flash drives are attached with the computer at the USB port.

What is the difference between pen drive and memory stick and a USB flash drive?

They are all the same. Their names are interchangeable

What is the difference between flash ram and flash rom?

Flash RAM is used for temporary data, such as in a USB drive. Flash ROM is used for bios and system files.

What is the difference between a USB Flash drive and a thumb drive?

"USB Flash Drive" is a more technical name. Theoretically, a "Thumb drive" could be created for a FireWire port as well, although these are rare. Referring to the device as a "USB Flash drive", rather than a "pen drive" or "thumb drive", ensures that you won't accidentally purchase an incompatible device.

What are the similarities between USB flash drive and RAM?

They are both flash drives. If you have a fast USB port (2.0+) then you can use a USB as RAM.

When was first usb flash drive?

Trek Invented the first USB flash drive.

Who is the creator is the USB flash drive?

the creator of the usb flash drive is Dov Moran

What is the difference between a USB token and a USB flash drive?

One is a token one is a drive. Unlike drive token can not function as data storage. Token has specific software/data for specific purposes.

Is there any difference between saving your photos on an external drive as opposed to a USB flash drive?

A USB flash drive is a type of external drive. If you meant external drive as an external hard drive, then no, there won't be any difference in the pictures. However, if you're archiving, I'd suggest an external hard drive, because they work best for archiving.

What is the difference between flash drive and USB port?

A FD (flashdrive) is a portable data storage device that uses flash memory. A USB port is a port for a USB cable or anything that has USB capabilities, to plug into. For example, a FD normally plugs into a USB port.

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