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What is the difference between a USB Flash Drive and a Flash Drive?


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The difference is the USB part. Some Flash Drives are USB, some are PS2 Port capable, the word Flash Drive is a rounded name for any Drive capable of information being put on it. The USB Flash Drive simply states that this is a flash drive that connects with a USB connector.

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There is no difference. Flash drive, pen drive, and thumb drive are all interchangeable terms.

They both mean the same. Actually a flash drive also called as a pen drive is an USB device ( Universal serial bus). This is called so because, the flash drives are attached with the computer at the USB port.

They are all the same. Their names are interchangeable

"USB Flash Drive" is a more technical name. Theoretically, a "Thumb drive" could be created for a FireWire port as well, although these are rare. Referring to the device as a "USB Flash drive", rather than a "pen drive" or "thumb drive", ensures that you won't accidentally purchase an incompatible device.

Flash RAM is used for temporary data, such as in a USB drive. Flash ROM is used for bios and system files.

One common name for a flash drive is a thumb drive.Other names for a flash drive are:Chave USBClip driveCruzerData stickDisk on keyFireWireFlash keyFlash memory driveFlashdiskFlashdriveHandy driveJump DriveJunk DriveKey driveKeychain driveMemory keyPen and thumb drivePen drivePen usbPiripichoPocket driveSanDisk CruzerSanDisk Cruzer MicroShot BrotSot BrotStick driveSuicide DriveThumb DriveUSB Flash DriveUSB KeyUSB KeydriveUSB Pen DriveUSB StickUSB data stickUSB diskUSB flash diskUSB flash drivesUSB flash memoryUSB flash memory driveUSB fobUSB key driveUSB key playerUSB keysUSB memoryUSB memory keyUSB memory stickUSB pen driveUSB stickUSB thumb driveVault drivesZipstickŜot Brot

A USB flash drive is a type of external drive. If you meant external drive as an external hard drive, then no, there won't be any difference in the pictures. However, if you're archiving, I'd suggest an external hard drive, because they work best for archiving.

They are both flash drives. If you have a fast USB port (2.0+) then you can use a USB as RAM.

One is a token one is a drive. Unlike drive token can not function as data storage. Token has specific software/data for specific purposes.

A FD (flashdrive) is a portable data storage device that uses flash memory. A USB port is a port for a USB cable or anything that has USB capabilities, to plug into. For example, a FD normally plugs into a USB port.

Trek Invented the first USB flash drive.

the creator of the usb flash drive is Dov Moran

There is no real difference Jump drive is a Lexar brand name for a USB flash drive (UFD), these are also known as thumb drives, or memory sticks

USB is not a flash drive. A flash drive is so called because it uses flash memory that retains data with no power.

a flash drive or pen drive, or possibly a USB key

A USB flash memory drive is a removable hardware device

USB flash drive,Hard disk drive

u get 1 off a usb flash drive or mp3 player/iPod, the other you rip off a CD (copy from CD)

A USB flash drive, also variously known as a USB drive, USB stick, thumb drive, pen drive, flash-disk, or USB memory, [a] is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated USB interface. USB flashdrives are typically removable and rewritable, and physically much smaller than an optical disc.

The same way you transfer any other file to a USB Flash drive.

how do u save downloado a flash drive

Technically speaking there is no set limit, as technology grows - so will the size of a USB Flash drive. ------------ To my knowledge the most memory you can have on a USB flash drive is 256 GB.

USB is a Universal Serial Bus - a standardised socket on a computer into which you can plug many devices such as cameras, mp3 players and flash drives. A flash drive is a stick of memory that can be used to store and transfer information between different computers. It retains the contents of the memory chip even though there is no power. It was called Flash memory because when the memory is wiped it was likened to a flash from a camera.

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