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What is the difference between a domain and an URL?

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URL is the abbreviation of Uniform Resource Locator, the global address of documents and other resources on the World Wide Web. The first part of the address indicates what protocol to use, and the second part specifies the IP address or the domain name where the resource is located. Hope it helps. For more help and support: Vera Chandler.

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Difference between ip address and URL?

An IP address is a series of numbers used to identify a domain name or certain computer online. A URL is the address of a website online.

What is the difference between the domain name and the URL?

A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is used to identify any resource connected to the Internet. The URL is the string of characters you see in your browser when you visit a website (e.g. A domain name is one of the components of a URL. In the example above, the domain name is

What is difference between work group and domain?

what is difference between work-group and domain

What is an example of a domain name of a URL?

consider is an url. Here the domain name is wikianswers.

What is the difference between workstation and domain?

In terms of the internet: A domain is a specific 32-bit URL address on the internet usually shown as 4 numbers separated by dots (ex: or as alphanumeric name (ex: A workstation is one computer within a domain.

How are the url and domain name the same?

The URL or uniform resources language is a link, or web address that describes a specific location on the web. It normally starts with http:// or https://A domain name is part of the url, it is the name of the domain where the URL hosted. I.e. which server or domain hosts the web address.For example. The URL to this question is:How_are_the_url_and_domain_name_the_sameThe domain name

What is the difference between time domain concept and frequency domain concept?

freguency domain concept

what does URL means?

A domain name is part of a URL, which stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

Difference between URL and HTTP referer?

The difference between URL and HTTP is that a URL is the actual address in the web bar. HTTP is the server or protocol the network connects through. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

What are the difference between hostname and domain name?

A hostname is the name that is given to a device that is connected to a computer network. This name is used to identify the device on the Internet and other forms of electronic communication. A domain name is the part of a URL that identifies the web page.

How can I have an URL?

Register a domain name.

Difference between URL and web address?

They are the same thing.

Where do i find the URL server name?

The URL is the Internet address of a website. It will not contain a server name, but the domain name. The domain name, i.e., the name of the website, can be found between http://www. and the next / (backslash). If you look at the URL that you're at now, you'll see that WikiAnswers is part of While not having a www., wiki is a sub domain of

What is the difference between inter domain routing and intra domain routing and what are they for?

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What is the difference between URL and website?

website pertains to the web page itself and URL indicates the location of the site.

What is the url of the website?

"URL" stands for "uniform resource locator." The URL for Google is In that example, "" is the domain name. The URL is the entire web address that must be typed into the browser to locate a specific webpage. This often includes additional text after the domain name, separated from the domain name with a slash "/".

What is the difference between additional domain controller and backup domain controller?

i think additional domain controller and backup domain controller both are same

What is the difference between Child Domian and Tree Domain?

A child domain is a member of a domain tree, but is not the root of the tree. The domain tree is the root of the tree.

What is the 'domain' part of the URL?

UNIFORM RESOURCE LOCATER of usernames and passwords

What is the domain of a website mean?

A website domain is traditionally known as the name or URL of a website

What is the difference between kingdom and realm?

No difference, both words refer to a royal domain

Is www a part of the url?

Technically not, it is in actual fact a subdomain of the URL domain name. So for example is the domain and is the subdomain. This is only a technicality as for most people it is one and the same, and good websites are now desgined to be interchangable between the two.

What is the difference between kingdom and domain?

Domains are divided into kingdoms.

What is the difference between com and org?

".org" is a domain for a non-profit organization. ".com" is a domain for a company.

What is the difference between the kingdom system and domain system?

The domain system is bigger and can contain several kingdoms.

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