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A geologist studies rocks, minerals, and physical structure of a particular area. A gemologist studies gems and gemstones.

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Q: What is the difference between a geologist and a gemologist?
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What is the difference between an seismologist and a geologist?

A geologist studies rock formations. A seismologist studies earthquakes.

What is the profession of Richard Allen?

Richard Allen is a certified and accredited Professional Gemologist and Geologist. Richard studies the solid and liquid matter of the Earth and creates a hypothesis about the history of the Earth.

What does a gemologist do?

A gemologist studies precious stones ....

What is the instrument called that Gemologist uses to inspect diamonds?

A gemologist will use a probe and a loupe.

What is a person who studies landforms?

Typically it is a Geologist.

A person who studies rocks and soil?

A geologist.

What is an Antonym for geologist?


What is the name of a scientist who studies diamonds?

The name for a gem expert is a gemologist. They are experts in natural and artificial gems.

Use geologist in a sentence?

A geologist has been called in to identify these rocks. I want to be a geologist.

What is a sentence for geologist?

A geologist could tell you what kind of rock that is. I am studying to become a geologist.

Who is a person who studies land?

A Geologist.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Geologist - 2012?

The cast of The Geologist - 2012 includes: Richard Elfman as The Geologist