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What is the difference between a gross ton and a net ton?


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gross ton includes the weight of the container (tare). net tons are just the weight of the freight A gross tone is a Long ton (or English Ton) 2,240 lbs. A Net ton is a short ton or 2000 lbs


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A net ton is 2000 pounds. A gross ton is the weight of freight and the container that it is in.

A gross ton (sometimes called the long ton) is equal to 2240 pounds. A metric ton (sometime referred to as the tonne) is 1000 kilograms, which is equivalent to 2205 pounds.

Gross tonnage is a technical term used to determine the size of a ship for legal reasonsA ton is a unit of measure weighing 2,000 pounds.This may also mean:TON: A ton of product + the weight of packaging.Gross Ton: Total weight of product and packaging.

1 pound = 0.000446428571 gross ton gross ton , 1 gross ton = 2240 pounds.

Ton/Short ton/Net ton: 2000 lbs (US and metric systems) Long ton/Gross Ton: 2240 lbs (US and metric systems) Tonne/Metric ton: 2250 lbs or 1000 kg (metric system only) +++ The "Long Ton" (2240lbs) is called simply the "Ton" here in the UK, where in fact the tonne (1000kg) is now the official unit for trade and technical purposes.

A 3 ton is one more than a 2 ton.

Oh, yes. A US ton is 2000 pounds. A metric ton is 2204.6 pounds.

Both the same but it is just a different way of spelling it

There are 2,000 pounds in a net (short) ton.

The conversion is not a simple mathematical exercise. You need to know the mass of the container. For example, a truck with a load of 10 tons might have a mass of 12 tons - the additional 2 tons being the mass of the [empty] truck. In that case, the gross mass is 12 tons and the net mass is 10 tons.

what is the difference beyween a wet metric ton and a dry metric ton

no they are both the same

One ton = 2000 lbs One metric ton = 2,200 lbs = 1,000 kg

even i dun no abt freight and weight.............LPC

A short (US) ton is equal to 2,000 pounds and a long (UK) ton is equal to 2,240 pounds.

A short ton (usually known simply as a "ton") is equal to 2000 pounds, while a long ton is equal to 2240 pounds.

Using the wiki answer for "How many pounds equal a ton?" and doing some calculation: It depends upon which "ton" you mean 1 long (or gross) ton = 2240 pounds CALCULATION: 10000 pounds / 2240 = 4.464 long (or gross) tons 1 short (or net) ton = 2000 pounds CALCULATION: 10000 pounds / 2000 = 5 short (or net) tons 1 tonne (i.e., a metric ton) = 2204.6 pounds CALCULATION: 10000 pounds / 2204.6 = 4.536 metric tons In the United States, when people say "a ton," they're thinking the short ton, or 2000 pounds.

Scrap Metal is usually sold by the gross ton. One gross ton is 2240 pounds. For more information, check the "How To" under related links.

a short ton is 2000 pounds a long ton is 2240 pounds a metric ton (tonne) is 1,000 kilograms, which weighs 2,204.62 pounds on Earth.

1 quintal = 100 kg where as, 1 ton = 1000 kg.

Cubic meter is a measurement of volume, and metric ton is a measurement of weight.

The US short ton is 2000lb. The Imperial (British) ton was always 2240lb, and I think this is called the gross ton in the US. Nowadays the metric ton is used in Britain, that is 1000kg = 2204.7lb

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