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What is the difference between a narcissist and a psychopath?

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The Defining characteristic of the narcissist is grandiosity. The narcissist is more likely to be attention seeking, envious and to desire admiration.

The defining characteristic of the sociopath/psychopath is callousness. The sociopath/psychopath is more likely to engage in illegal activity, to be aggressive, impulsive and deceitful.

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Not a healthy relationship.. that's for sure

Yes it can be in many cases and also a sociopath....

A narcissist and more extreme would be psychopath

the difference between mentally ill and psychopath is that mentally ill could be anything from ADHD-OCD it also includes PTSD. A phsychopath is someone who has odd tendancies to violently lash out.

There is no such thing as a 'compensatory narcissist'. It is a fake term made up by psychopath Sam Vaknin (see Related Links). No Contact with a Narcissist is always best.

They are born that way. A narcissist is just a milder form of a psychopath, they can feel shame and guilt but that is all. You will know when you have been around a narcissist because you will feel used abused and robbed. Read all you can on this horrific disorder.

Being narcissistic and egocentric is the same.

Narcissism is a psychological disorder. S is a letter.

What type of mental illness did Adolf Hitler have? I think hitler was a narcissist or maybe a psychopath or a sadist.

A pathological liar could be a psychopath, but statistically speaking he is probably just narcissistic and/or ASPD (sociopath). Psychopaths are the extreme version of ASPD. Essentially it is someone who intentionally causes trauma to another.

Psychology recognizes NO SUCH THING/ PERSON. It's a made up term. Made up by a psychopath who writes books about Narcissism.

For some people, these two terms are interchangeable.

The bulk of the apparent "research" that has been posted on line saying there is no cure or treatment has been written or influenced by a publicly diagnosed psychopath. Narcissism is Not the same thing as being a psychopath and narcissistic tendencies can be as much a symptom of a bad marriage as it is the cause.

Yes. They lie so much that they cannot tell the difference between truth and fantasy.

There are technical differences, but it is largely a matter of degree. Neither is likely to ever be a decent partner.

It's actually called sexual vs. intellectual. See the Related Link below.

Yes. They will return for many years, to torture the devalued, if they can, especially if the narcissist is a psychopath. My ex-narcissist expressed it himself very well. He just said, "I am a very evil person, and I enjoy making people suffer." Basically he will return if he thinks he can get anything out of, sex, or a place to stay, for himself or his new girlfriend. And narcissists may alternate between vaulation and devaluation over and over, especially with people who cannot get away from him, such as blood relatives. If the person is currently useful to the narcissist, he will be valued. Once the narcissist is done, or if the person criticizes or tells the narcissist "no", they are devalued all over again.

An egomaniac???? If the person loves themselves as well as treats others the same then its healthy self love. A narcissist and more extreme would be psychopath

They often end up being controlled, abused and manipulated by a Narcissist or Psychopath... which can lead to autoimmune illness and serious depression.

You've got it right- psychopath.

The duration of The Psychopath is 1.37 hours.

A narcissist, no matter how extreme, still knows right from wrong at an emotional level. He/she spends all his energies convincing other his "rights" are righter than what anyone else does. Nothing he does is wrong and that has to be mirrored by his social entourage. This is quite difficult to do in practice and narcissists must use creativity and relentless energies to convince others and themselves they are on top. Psychopaths see no need to show others what they do is not wrong because they don't feel it is. They have no internal censorship mechanism. So they don't need to be mirrored as "good" or "best" by their social entourage.

A terrorist kills innocents for a political goal indiscriminately. A gangster is motivated by money and usually more cautious about who he kills. Contrast this with the psychopath that kills for the thrill of killing.

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