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Narcissism, in modern Psychology refers to an abnormal affection of one's own image or one's own personality. Narcissism is characterized by an exaggerated sense of self-importance and superiority.

A sociopath suffers from an antisocial personality disorder which is defined by the APA (American Psychological Association) as ''a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early adolescence and continues into adulthood''. However, the term ''sociopath'' is highly controversial since the word literally means ''destroying society'' or ''destroyed by the society'' and thus it's an derogatory term not used anymore.

All in all, both terms are used in psychology to refer to certain personalities, albeit it denotes different types of psychological phenomenons, or issues if you will.

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Q: What is the difference between a narcissist and a sociopath?
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What is the difference between sociopath and narcissist men?

There are technical differences, but it is largely a matter of degree. Neither is likely to ever be a decent partner.

Is a narcissist a sociopath?

No, not necessarily.

What is the difference between a narcissist and a psychopath?

The Defining characteristic of the narcissist is grandiosity. The narcissist is more likely to be attention seeking, envious and to desire admiration.The defining characteristic of the sociopath/psychopath is callousness. The sociopath/psychopath is more likely to engage in illegal activity, to be aggressive, impulsive and deceitful.

Is a narcissist also a psychopath?

Yes it can be in many cases and also a sociopath....

What mental illness has symptoms like no remors narcissist manipulitive and intelligent?


What do you call someone who is obsessed with themselves?

Vain narcissist and/or sociopath

What is the difference between a narcissist and egotism?

Being narcissistic and egocentric is the same.

What is the difference between a pathological liar and a sociopath?

My experience has been a sociopath requires victims to hurt. A pathological liar's primary concern is not the injury of other beings.

What is the difference between a narcissist and a s?

Narcissism is a psychological disorder. S is a letter.

Can a sociopath or narcissistic personality lessen with age?

alone, i doubt it, because narcissist sometimes evolves into a sociopath, but with the help of a psychologist, then it can help, but i don't think time will help,but grow.

How do you help someone who is a pathological liar?

You don't. YOU GET AWAY FROM THEM. (see definitions of Narcissist and Sociopath)

How can you make others aware of a sociopath narcissist as to protect themselves?

If you were involved with one and he/she is a chameleon and fools others (only for a short time usually) then worry about getting on with your own life and realizing that others can look after themselves. Sociopath/narcissist will hang themselves every time ... they just have to open their mouths!

What is the difference between a sociopath and a pathological liar?

Pathological lying of and within itself is not defined as a mental disorder by the medical community- so there are no list of common symptoms. This type of deception is set apart from and motivated differently than the common deception used on a daily basis by your average person. Pathological lying is typically associated with a serious mental disorder which may include: borderline personality disorder, narcissism, sociopath, or others. The main thing that sets sociopath apart from the other mental illnesses that are commonly associated with being a pathological liar is the absence of a conscience. A sociopath is not able to empathize with those who do have a conscience. The sociopath does not feel remorse, guilt or love but a narcissist on the other hand may. A narcissist has a conscience and the ability to empathize with others but rarely does because they care more about their own feelings. I would describe a narcissist as being "the center of their own universe" and expecting everyone to gravitate around his/her needs/wants. I would describe a sociopath as someone being from a completely different universe but having the ability to go unnoticed because they are wearing a disguise. The sociopath will completely drain you of all positive energy and then turn the tables on you to make you believe it's your fault. A narcissist will almost always be identified and are unable to hide what they are.

Would a man who is a player in his relationships with women fall under the category of either a narcissist or a sociopath?

The simplest answer is YES. He has ISSUES

Does a narcissist believe his own lies?

Yes. They lie so much that they cannot tell the difference between truth and fantasy.

What Christian faith says about living with sociopath or narcissist?

I think they'd say it's not the best thing in the world, those can be tough people to live with.

What is the difference between a sociopath and someone with explosive rage?

Sociopath seems to be someone who has ill intentions and is purposely hurtful while someone with explosive rage may just have problems dealing with anger and bottles it up until it turns to rage.

What is the difference between somatic and cerebral narcissist?

It's actually called sexual vs. intellectual. See the Related Link below.

Why does an ex-narcissist compete for attention from their ex in terms of trying to act as if their life is interesting and successful?

This is because there is a difference in awareness between them, the one who tries to compete with the successful enjoyer is less aware

What is the difference in a sociopath and a psychopath?

For some people, these two terms are interchangeable.

Is it possible for someone to realize they are a sociopath?

yes, not that it would necessarily make a difference, because of the behavior of a sociopath, knowing they are one would not bring a "sudden flash of realization" and therefore would not make much of a difference.

What is a deviant sociopath?

A sociopath is someone who doesn't care about other people's feelings. A deviant sociopath isn't in any psychology text that I can find. But here are some things that you might be referring to: A sociopath who is abnormal in some way. This would be any sociopath who doesn't fit the exact definition of a sociopath. If a deviant sociopath is just your name for a sociopath. See top. An unpredictable sociopath. A sociopath who is unpredictable in some way, beyond a sociopath's normal unpredictability.

Does a sociopath have a conscience?

No, that's the definition of a sociopath.

Where do you start in helping a victim of a sociopath understand they are a victim of a sociopath?

Give them a copy of "The Sociopath Next Door"

What is a sentence with the word sociopath?

My older sister is a sociopath.

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