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What is the difference between a narrative poem and a descriptive poem?


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A narrative poem tells a story. I went to the shore To shop in a store the clerk was a bore so I go there no more A descriptive poem describes something or someone, or a situation, etc. The clerk was a bore she talked and what's more on her nose was a sore


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Reflective is more based on experience Narrative contains Orientation, Series of events,ETC

A narrative poem tells a story and a lyric poem conveys an idea or emotion.

rhyme sounds alike and rhythm is the beat in the poem

an a descriptive poem is a poem u describe

A ballad is usually a mournful long narrative poem on the other hand an epic is a poem usually written in honor of a hero or concerning historical topics.

"Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes is a narrative poem. The poem is told from the narrative point of the mother.

A narrative poem narrates--it tells a story.

A narrative poem is a poem which tells a story. If a poem has characters, and something happens, it is a narrative poem.

A narrative poem is a poem that tells a story rather than most poems.

A simile is more of a short poem while an epic is a extended narrative peoms that tell of adventures of heroes

It is not a narrative poem. A narrative poem seems more like poetry than prose, but this is just a good ol' fashioned poem.

Narrative poem tells story. Lyric poem captures an emotion/idea.

narrative that isn't poem

There is no limitation on the number of lines that can be used in a narrative poem.

yes, i think it is a narrative poem.

A poem that tells a story.

It depends because this is the type of poetry that you can have it rhyme or not. But if it is a narrative poem, it can or cannot.

The elements of a narrative poem include character, setting, conflict, and plot. A narrative poem is similar to a novel, and will often be used to tell a detailed story.

A narrative poem is a poem which tells a story an example of this is The Eve of St Agnes by John Keats

In my view,narrative poem can tell a story compeletly.For example,a love story.You can show a love story with a poem.

what is the difference between a limerick and a cinquain poem

Narrative poetry can be subdivided into ballads, epics, and lays. A narrative poem is any kind of poem that tells a story.

A poem that tells a story, and has a plot, is called a narrative poem. An example of a narrative poem would be The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.

A narrative poem uses the voice of the narrator, and tells a story. The poem "Mother to Son" is a poem about a mothers advice to her son, using a stairway as a metaphor for life. Because it had a specific narrator and tells a story, it is a narrative poem.

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