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Nothing, Regionally accrediated schools will try and say they are better, but there is no actual difference in the quality of the education. It still will depend on the quality of the institution and their instructors, the student support system before, during, and after the student graduates. It comes down to simply a state of bias without any substantial proof or reason.

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Q: What is the difference between a nationally accredited degree and regional degree?
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Nationally accredited degree can you get a job in your field?

It is possible. However, if your employer knows the difference between a national and regional accreditation, they are going to prefer the regional accreditation.

Is there a difference between a regionally accredited college degree program and a nationally accredited one?

A reginonally accreddited degree program is typically recognized only be the local reginoal accrediting agency in the area. A nationally accreddited program is recognized throughout the country.

What is the difference between a public college or university and a private college or universityAnswer?

The main difference is where their funding comes from. Pubic means government aided while private is privately funded by groups or individuals. Both kinds need accreditation-which can be national or regional. Online colleges and other special institutions are usually nationally accredited like Independence College is accredited by the ACCSC. It's crucial to always enroll in a school that has either regional or national accreditation, no matter where the funding comes from.

Is a doctorate degree from a nationally accredited university recognised?

Yes, a nationally accredited doctorate degree is recognized as a fully legitimate degree just as nationally accredited bachelors and masters are. Nonetheless, they are fairly new to the educational world and some may question their validity. The only doctorates that are currently approved for national accreditation are the professional doctorates such as Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) or Doctor of Education. The research doctorates (PhDs) are not currently being offered by nationally accredited universities. The US Department of Education treats national and regional accreditation the same and makes no distinction between them. It is the unfortunate "turf" war between regional and national accreditors that causes a few of the regionals to occasionally not recognize the degrees of a national accreditor. There may also be some professional associations or licenses which may not recognize certain degrees. You should check with any professional organization that is in your industry to be certain there will not be any problems. If you earn a nationally accredited doctorate you will have the legitimate title of "Doctor" in the profession of your choice.

The difference between an accredited college and non accredited college?

According to the Department of State, in the US, accreditation is voluntary, so an institution can choose whether it wishes to be regionally or nationally accredited - or not accredited at all. (In some states, I could put a box on a street corner, call it a university, and hand out degrees.) Students at institutions that do not hold some form of recognized regional or national accreditation are likely to encounter problems in obtaining scholarships, transferring credits, having their credentials recognized by employers, etc

What is the difference between local and regional?


If a college is regionally accredited on one campus by a certain agency are the online courses at another campus accredited by that same agency as well?

You look at the schools accreditation. If the school has a regional accreditation, it is accredited based on all the school contains. There is no difference between online and on-campus degrees in terms of validity.

What is the difference between college degrees?

There are a great many differences in collegedegrees; however, one of the most noticeable differences is accreditation. If a degree is nationally accredited, it has some value but may not transfer to other colleges. If it is Regionally credited, it has far more value and is extremely likely to transfer to any college of your choosing. Be careful when choosing to attend a college or university. It is far wiser to choose a school that is regionally accredited vs. one that is nationally accredited. Choose wisely!

What is inter-regional planning?

state the difference between inter and intra regional planning development

What does it mean if a college is regionally accredited?

A regional accreditation is the most critical accreditation for colleges and universities to have. With a regional accreditation you can be confident that the course work and degree you complete is recognized by all other accredited schools and employers. To gain a better understanding of the regional accreditation standards and agencies who grant such accreditations, and the difference between other accreditations (such as national), click on the related links section indicated below (Wikipedia). Best wishes!!

What is the difference between a regional and a public library?

pubic library has camera. regional library has hidden camera.

What is the difference between regional climate and global climate?

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