What is the difference between a nebula and a crab nebula?


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The Crab Nebula is a nebula.

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At the centre of the Crab Nebula is the neutron star - Crab pulsar.

Crab Nebula:Pulsar wind nebulaSupernova remnantRadius of 5.5 ly6,500 light years awayOrion Nebula:Diffuse nebulaStellar nurseryRadius of 12 ly1,244 light years awayEdit: M1, the Crab Nebula, is related to the death of a star. The Orion Nebula, M42, is relateted to the birth of stars.

The Crab Nebula is a supernova remnant and pulsar wind nebula.

The Crab Nebula was first observed in 1731.

"The Crab" is a nebula.

The crab nebula is estimated to be about 6,300 light year away.

The crab nebula was formed by a supernova that was first seen in 1054.

The Crab Nebula or SN1054 is still visible with telescopes.

a nebula is one nebula. nebulae are 2 or more nebulas.

Highly unlikely. At the centre of the crab nebula there is a neutron star.

The star that created the Crab nebula exploded in the year 1054

The crab nebula is the debris formed in the supernova explosion.

Both are the same except the solar nebula is the nebula that formed our solar system.

A solar nebula is related to the formation of our Solar System, any other nebula is just a nebula.

The Crab Nebula is about 6,500 light years away from Earth (~ 2000 parsecs).

Emission nebula glow and reflection nebula reflect the light form other stars

The crab, after the crab nebula.

The Crab Nebula was formed when it's host star exploded as a supernova [See related question]

The Crab Nebula is:As we see it today - 7,465 years oldAs it is now - 13,956 years old

there is no difference there are crabs which are wild then pet crabs.

there is a difference in their chemical structure of the shell

The Crab Nebula is too far away for its energy to have any impact on Earth.

The Crab Nebula is a supernova remenant from a star that exploded in the year 1054. It was recorded by Chinese and Arab astronomers.

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