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A farm is where the land is cultivated to produce food. A ranch is normally reserved for the production of cattle or other animals for grazing purposes.

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According to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary 2nd ed. (c) 2004:

Farm: noun 1 an area of land, and the buildings on it, used for growing crops, rearing animals, etc. (also attributive: farm machinery, farm workers). 2 A place of establishment for breeding a particular type of animal, growing fruit, etc. (fish farm; mink farm). verb 1 atransitive use (land) for growing crops, rearing animals, etc. b intransitive be a farminer; work on a farm. 2 transitive breed (fish, etc.) commercially.

Ranch: noun 1 a a cattle-breeding farm esp. in the western US and Canada. b a farm where other animals are bred (mink ranch; aquaculture ranch) verb 1 intransitive run or work on a ranch. 2 transitive breed or rear (animals) onn or as on a ranch. 3 transitive use (land) as a ranch.

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Q: What is the difference between a ranch and a farm?
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