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The difference between a shogun and a samurai is like the difference between a king and a knight.

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Q: What is the difference between a samurai and shogun?
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When was Shogun's Samurai created?

Shogun's Samurai was created in 1978.

Who is higher samurai or shogun?

Shogun; samurai is a principled sword warrior, shogun is a faction leader.

What is the duration of Shogun's Samurai?

The duration of Shogun's Samurai is 2.17 hours.

What does the samurai do for the shogun and the shongun for the samurai?

The shogun is a lord who hires the Samurai to protect and fight for him. He pays them :)

What is the plot of the movie 'Shogun Assassin'?

In the movie Shogun Assassin, a samurai warrior's wife gets killed by a paranoid Shogun. The samurai then makes it his life mission to exact revenge on the Shogun by killing him.

Who were shogun and samurai?

japanese warriors

Who supported the shogun?

the samurai and the landlords...

How did the samurai advisers serve the shogun's?


How many Samurai were under shogun?

About 200

What were the nobles who supported the shogun called?


Who did samurai's serve?

Answer 1: SAmurais served their Shogun. A shogun was the military leader and as the years went on shogans became more incharge then the emperors. Answer 2: Samurai didn't serve the shogun, they served the daimyo, the Japanese lords. Then the daimyo would give the shogun loyalty and the service of some of the daimyo's samurai, in return for land which they gave some to the samurai. The shogun has (for example) 3 lots of land - A, B, C. Two lots of samurai -A,B - serve the daimyo. The shogun gives land lot B and C to the daimyo in return for samurai lot B. The daimyo gives land lot C to the samurai in return for their service. So even though samurai lot B 'serves' the shogun, they actually do that only because they serve the daimyo.

Where did the Japanese come from?

A lot of samurai originated from many counties in Japan, I believe their were just about 7 counties. Samurai are japanese warriors, basically, they fought for daimyo the head, leader, or ruler of a clan. A daimyo would eventually come to the rank of shogun.... The difference between daimyo and shogun, is that daimyo are rulers of clan, while shogun are basically the head samurai of japan.