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What is the difference between a samurai and shogun?


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The difference between a shogun and a samurai is like the difference between a king and a knight.


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Shogun; samurai is a principled sword warrior, shogun is a faction leader.

A lot of samurai originated from many counties in Japan, I believe their were just about 7 counties. Samurai are japanese warriors, basically, they fought for daimyo the head, leader, or ruler of a clan. A daimyo would eventually come to the rank of shogun.... The difference between daimyo and shogun, is that daimyo are rulers of clan, while shogun are basically the head samurai of japan.

The shogun is a lord who hires the Samurai to protect and fight for him. He pays them :)

In the movie Shogun Assassin, a samurai warrior's wife gets killed by a paranoid Shogun. The samurai then makes it his life mission to exact revenge on the Shogun by killing him.

the samurai and the landlords...

They were the most powerful feudal lords in Feudal Japan right after the Shogun.

You probably mean a shogun, which is a samurai lord.

Answer 1: SAmurais served their Shogun. A shogun was the military leader and as the years went on shogans became more incharge then the emperors. Answer 2: Samurai didn't serve the shogun, they served the daimyo, the Japanese lords. Then the daimyo would give the shogun loyalty and the service of some of the daimyo's samurai, in return for land which they gave some to the samurai. The shogun has (for example) 3 lots of land - A, B, C. Two lots of samurai -A,B - serve the daimyo. The shogun gives land lot B and C to the daimyo in return for samurai lot B. The daimyo gives land lot C to the samurai in return for their service. So even though samurai lot B 'serves' the shogun, they actually do that only because they serve the daimyo.

Samurai was a status. All daimyo and shogun were of samurai status. Bushi was a warrior. If you would "rank" them, it would be: Bushi-Daimyo-Shogun.

There is no episode during Power Rangers Super Samurai in which Emily, the Yellow Samurai Ranger uses Shogun Mode.

daimyo: duty to govern an area ,provide justice and serve shogun

Yoshinaga Toranaga is a samurai name used in the novel Shogun

a ninja is a Japanese fighter and a samurai is a Chinese fighter

Katana is name in Japanese for sword that Samurai used.

they were paied with sen witch was given to samurai from shogun to spport thier famlies

A ronin is a samurai. Samurai was a status in Japan. A ronin was simply someone of samurai status that had no clan affiliation.

The emperor was the main face of Japan however held no power, the Shogun help ultimately the most power in feudal japan. The Daimyo's were the lord's 260 strong. They controlled a territory of land. The Samurai were the strongest warriors, they were the highest military rank that could be achieved. Think of it, for example like canada. The emperor is the queen of england, the shogun is the prime minister and the Daimyo's are the premiers, or in us shogun is president and daimyo's is the governer of state.

I presume you mean Samurai? Or Ashigaru, commoners trained to be soldiers, after the separation law, they were made into samurai. Samurai were to serve their lord, be it Shogun or Daimyo, Samurai means "to serve".

the samurai duty was to server the emperor in dark times when the shogun was away from the kingdom to be a bodyguard/soldier for the wealthy

Sanurai's where soilders. And shoguns where like the general. They talled the samurai what to do. But the dind't go to war. They were like the empeor eyes and ears .... or more like mouth realy.Emperor: The leader of japan. The japaness refer him as a GOD.Shogun: They were like the emperor of japan they talled every body what to do.Samurai: The soilders of japan.So really the emperor was a god, the shougun and emperor and the samurai the emperor get it?????

i think you wait a little while and at the end of the game shogun mode is unlocked.

buy the black samurai troop in Izumo but you need many black samurai to kill a shogun ghost ( the only troop that is matched with the shogun ghost that can be bought outside the capital of Eastern Empire )

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