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What is the difference between a shaman and medicine man?

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The word shaman comes from the name for traditional Russian - Siberian spiritual leaders. "Medicine man" is more often used to describe North American indigenous practices. However, they are essentially describing the same role, widespread in traditional cultures, referring to a spiritual leader (male or female) who heals the mind, body and spirit using plants, music, chanting, dancing, and other natural remedies and serves as a guide to the people. The shaman or medicine woman or man may heal sickness, foretell future events, give advice, conduct death rituals, etc.

"Shaman" is often used in modern western speech to describe people who can see "the invisible world" ie spirits, ancestors, etc. But these abilities could apply to a "medicine man" as well.

Neither role really existed in any English speaking cultures, so these are words used to describe practices generally not well known to the speaker.

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The Medicine Men of the Amazon?

A shaman is a medicine man of the Amazon.

What is another name for a medicine man?


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What is another name for an American Indian Medicine Man?

Shaman or Witch Doctor.

What is the name of the Indian holy man?

The cultural name is a sadhu.A medicine man(in other cultures also known as a shaman)

Who was the shaman and what did he do?

The shaman or medicine man of American Indian culture was the healer, spiritually and most often herbally. He was also the keeper of the integrity of ceremonies, for the most part, and the tribes connection to the spirit world.

What does Hogan mean?

Hogan is Navajo for medicine man. A medicine man in any Indian tribe is a shaman. Shamans use spiritual and medicinal herbs for healing and for interpreting signs to come. They also speak to spirits.

What tribe was Geronimo from?

Geronimo was really named Goyaałé and he was a medicine man or shaman of the Bedonkohe Apaches (part of the eastern Chiricahua tribe).

Why is a shaman so important?

The shaman, or holy man, was the tribes connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. He was the keeper of integrity of ceremonies, the spiritual leader, guidance counselor and healer.

Who is a famous shaman?

Although he is most remembered as a great leader and warrior, Sitting Bull or Tatanka Iyotanka was a very gifted medicine man and mystic.

What dose shaman mean?

well it means in societies practicing shamanism: one acting as a medium between the visible and spirit worlds; practices sorcery for healing or divinationa person who is very spirtualAnswer:The answer above is not completely correct.A shaman is a traditional witch doctor. He (or she) is considered a religious figure (among pagan peoples) because part of what a shaman does is to use the spirit world in his (or her) rituals. In Judeo-Christian terms, he (or she) contacts demon spirits for the enactment of black magic.

What was the shaman and what did he do?

The shaman was the medicine man of the tribe. They were mostly responsible for healing people and possibly being the chief's informant. Edit: Until the last few decades, the term 'shaman' was not used in American Indian culture. They were referred to as medicine people., both men and sometimes women. They are healers of the body and spirit through herbal medicines, ceremonies and prayers. They are keepers of the medicinal and ceremonial healing knowledge of the tribe, as well as their spiritual beliefs.

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anyone can be a shaman, it's a medicine man that heals others by using natural stuff and spiritual energy. I heard that it take lots of training, get some plant books and some dope and do your thing. Native people don't relate to the name shaman's and no not just anyone can be a medicine person that for the Creator's decision and you don't learn from book's it's a gift that loan nothing belongs to us human's ...