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Sound wave

A sound wave needs something to allow it to spread. Air, water, solids etc. This is known as a 'medium' and sound waves need a medium in order to propagate. These waves are known as 'longitudinal' waves.


This is similar to a line of traffic being hit by a fast moving truck failing to stop. The resulting wave of collisions move. through the line until t reaches the first car.

Sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum such as in space and many Hollywood movies make this mistake.

Radio Waves

These can travel through the air or the vacuum of space so they do not need a medium.

They are generally transverse waves like ripples on a pond radiating from the transmitter

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Q: What is the difference between a sound wave and a radio wave?
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What is the difference between a sound and a sound wave?

you figure it out

The main difference between a radio wave and a light wave is its?


The main difference between a radio wave and a sound wave is their different?

They're very different. A sound wave is a longitudinal wave and a radio wave is a transverse wave, radio waves are in the same family as light because they're electromagnetic waves whereas sound waves are just caused by particles passing on a vibration.

What is the different between radio wave and electromagnet wave?

No difference at all. Radio waves are one of many types of electromagnetic waves.

Is a radio wave a sound wave?

Radio waves are electromagnetic radiation.

The difference between a low amplitude sound wave and a high amplitude sound wave is what?

The difference is that a low wave have long and smooth wave and a high wave has skinny and cramped togetther waves

What does a decoder do in a radio?

The decoder seperates the sound wave from the rest of the radio wave.

What energy conversions occur in a radio?

In a radio you have the conversion of radio wave energy to sound wave energy.

Which travel faster a radio wave or sound wave?

A radio wave travels about 874,000 times as fast as a sound wave,plus it doesn't need any material to move through, as sound does.

Which one of the following is not an example of a mechanical wave water wave earthquake wave sound wave or radio wave?

"Radio wave" is not like the others. "Radio wave" doesn't belong.

What are the properties of a radio wave?

Properties of radio wave ar: sound, uses of antenna, hz.

What is the main difference between radio wave and a light wave?

The difference is their wavelengths. That means that their frequencies are different, and also the amount of energy carried by each photon.