What is the difference between a stone and a rock?

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Rock is a naturally formed solid aggregate of one or more minerals. It is what stone is made from.

Stone normally is used to refer to rock which has been dressed, trimmed or otherwise engineered or used by man in construction of some sort, usually as discrete (individual) blocks. Also important is the fact that these blocks are no longer in-situ (i.e. they are no longer where they were formed and part of a larger cohesive rock mass) within the Earth. Examples are the use of "stone" as counter tops in kitchens or as ornamental cladding for buildings or the construction of columns and lintels in certain buildings. Another common use of large blocks of dressed stone is in sea defences and pier walls where the large dressed blocks forming the outer walls are known as armour stone.

Undressed but discrete blocks were also commonly used to construct dry stone walls in the UK to separate fields on farms. The importance here being their careful and deliberate placement, as opposed to "rock fill" which is also undressed discrete pieces of rock but which are end tipped with much less deliberation into piles or onto slopes (such as Rip-Rap which is a form of scour defence used in coastal sea defences and on embankment dams).

In common linguistic use a stone may refer to any small piece of rock that may or may not have been polished or weathered and that is lying on Earth's surface. For example the pebbles on a beach.
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What is the difference between a rock and a mineral?

A rock is composed of combinations of minerals, each mineral having its own chemical formula and crystalline structure. Minerals are composed of an element or combination of elements. Granite, for instance, is an intrusive igneous rock composed of the minerals quartz, feldspar, mica, hornblende, ( Full Answer )

Why is there a difference between rocks?

Answer . The difference lies in the method of the rock's creation (melting, sediment, pressure), and the elements available when and where it forms.

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What is the difference between a diamond and a stone?

A diamond is a mineral, but it be called a "gem stone" if you want to be fancy. Stones are usually round, and is a very broad subject. It varies from very expensive to just a regular old by-the-sidewalk stone. I would say that the best description of a diamond is a crystal.

What are differences between rocks and minerals?

A rock is combinations of minerals and either has to be an igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary rock. A mineral is a solid that was formed in nature, has a definite chemical makeup, and has a crystal structure.

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What is the difference between rocks and minerals?

Rocks are solid substainces that are made of 2 or more mineralsand can have organic matter in them as well. On the other hand,minerals are naturally formed inorganic solids that have definitecrystalline structures. . Rocks and minerals are made through different processes.

What is the difference between a rock and an ore?

An ore is a rock that bears minerals containing valuable elements. Most rock can be considered to be an ore although the classification is usually reserved for rock that has sufficient concentrations of elements to make it worth mining and separating.

What is the difference between a rock and a ore?

Ore, is a rock which contains minerals of economic value and which are able to be extracted: . it must be economic to extract the mineral - a company must be able to make a profit . it must be legal to undertake the extraction process . it must be technically possible to extract the valuable min ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a rock and the rock cycle?

Rock is a solid material that is composed of minerals. A specific rock represents a stage in the rock cycle. The rock cycle is the natural process in which rocks transform from one rock type into another rock type over time, a type of natural recycling. Igneous rocks, which are formed from ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a pebble and a rock?

Pebbles are smaller and usally more smoother. A Pebble was once a part of a rock, which has broken away, and been shaped (smoothened) by the either the action of water or air or ice.

What is the difference between rocks and fossils?

The answer is that fossils are organic and rock are inorganic.The other reason is fossils are usually bones of humans,animals,etc. Rocks are not like fossils,they are made up of at least 1-2 minerals or sediments.The main difference is that rocks are made by erosion.Fossils are not made by erosion,t ( Full Answer )

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rock is found in mountains and u can use it to make flour tiles and u can build houses,where as cock is found in pants and u can use it to drill the juicy pussies and even u can fill the house which u have made out of rock with babies using the so called cock.rock gets drilled cock drills.

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There is not a difference besides the fact that throughout the series they either reference the sorcerers or philosophers stone. The philosophers stone is British and the sorcerers is American. Other than that, there is no difference.

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What is the difference between a rock and rock cycle?

The rock cycle is the system of rock create on earth. It is the system were rocks are created or changed into igneous, sedimentary, or metaphoric rocks. A rock is a solid object composed of minerals.

Difference between rock and stone?

It all depends on the context of the conversation, although for common usage there may be no difference at all. It may be considered that a Stone is a hard substance of mineral matter of which Rocks are made. A Stone may be a small piece of rock, such as a pebble. Stones are used for a specific purp ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between gems and stones?

Stones are the common types of chunks of rock that we see on the ground every day, such as Basalt, and Granite. Gems are transparent to translucent natural minerals of hardness 7 or greater, such as Garnet, Tourmaline, Sapphire, and Emerald. Gems are also called precious stones or gemstones ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between gall stone and kidney stone?

A gall stone is in your gall bladder and a kidney stone is in your kidney. Your gall bladder is an organ in your body that stores bile and releases it into the small intestine to help digest and absorb fats. Gall stones are most often a result of too much cholesterol in your body. Cholesterol is ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a rock and a stone in curling?

No difference - just different names for the same thing. It's not uncommon to hear people switch between referring to them as either stones or rocks, since both terms are widely-used and interchangeable. "Rock" is probably the more popular term in the U.S., while "stone" is probably more popular ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a rock and a boulder?

Rock is a name given to a natural earth material composed of an aggregation of clasts or crystals of differing minerals. The word boulder is used to describe a piece of rock of a certain size. In this case a boulder is a clast of rock with a minimum diameter of 200mm (UK and European standards) a ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between fossils and rocks?

A fossil is any evidence of ancient life, including burrows, trails, footprints, stomach stones, skeletal remains, even chemical traces; therefore, a fossil need not be a rock. Most rocks are not fossils; a rock is a naturally occurring solid composed of various combinations of minerals (inorganic) ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a rock and a rock formation?

A rock is just a piece of a larger formation of rock; the formation exhibits characteristics of origin or composition that set it apart from other formations. A rock is the product of the rock formation process, just as a cake is the result of the process of cake making (combining ingredients, mi ( Full Answer )

What are the difference between a mineral and a rock?

Minerals are homogeneous, naturally occurring, inorganic solids. Each mineral has a definite chemical composition and a characteristic crystalline structure. A mineral may be a single element such as copper (Cu) or gold (Au), or it may be a compound made up of a number of elements. About 2,500 ( Full Answer )

What is difference between coal and stone?

Coal is a form of carbon resulting from great pressure and heatapplied over a long time to the remains of plants that lived duringthe carboniferous period. . Stone is a hard mineral or combination of minerals that wasformed wither by the cooling of volcanic erruptions or by theaccumulation and comp ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between magma and rock?

Magma is the liquid form of rock, usually greater than 600 degrees C. At this temperature, the rock begins to melt into a superheated liquid. :) btw, liquid rock is either magma or lava, depending if its above or below the earths crust

What is the difference between gemstone and rock?

Gemstones is a precious non-metallic that's formed under a high temperature. Most coloured gemstones are formed by the impurities of certain element in the material. Quartz when it contains Iron formr Amethyst (a purple quartz). Examples of gemstones ruby, jacinth, jasper, emerald, topaz, sapphire, ( Full Answer )

What is he difference between rock and a rock sediment?

A rock is a mineral matter of variable composition, assembled in masses or considerable quantities by nature, as by heat or water. A sediment is a rock that is weathered down by wind, water, or glacial ice. Reference: dictionary.com

What is the difference between a sandblasted rock and rock?

A sand blasted rock is any rock that's sitting in a landscape wheresand can be picked up by the wind and blow against the rock. If there's isn't any sand that can be blown around, you can't get asand blasted rock.

What is the difference between an organism and rocks?

The atoms in the rocks are non-living and the atoms in theorganisms are living and the atoms in the rocks do not combine toform living cells and the atoms in the organism combine to formliving cells